2011-2020 Sustainability Report


The equivalent of a pile of tyres with the dimensions of a football pitch and 1.5km high. This is the amount of ELTs – End-of-Life Tyres – that have been recovered thanks to the activities of the Ecopneus chain in 10 years.  Thanks to the recovery activities of Ecopneus, over 1.15 billion euros have been saved on the imports of virgin raw materials. Moreover, 3.36 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent were not dispersed into the atmosphere and 3.3 million tonnes of virgin raw materials as well as 15.5 million m3 of water were not used. Ecopneus is the main operator in the management of End-of-Life Tyres in Italy (about 60% of the total).

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Ecopneus Effect Report

The Symbola Foundation for the Italian Qualities has chosen to describe this system of excellence in its latest publication, the “Ecopneus Effect”:  A +64.8% increase in the occupation of the companies of the chain; increase of efficiency and quality of the recycled materials, progressive autonomy of companies on the market.

Download the Ecopneus Effect Report by the Symbola Foundation.


Brochure on the applications of recycled rubber

Brochures of Ecopneus on the applications of recycled rubber from End-of-Life Tyres. Simple and brief manuals to have all necessary information about the main applications of recycled rubber. (documents in italian)



Technical Journals

In collaboration with Universities and research centres, Ecopneus has promoted a series of technical dossiers in the course of the years. They scientifically deal with technical aspects, case histories, experiences and characteristics of the various applications of recycled rubber.
The dossiers are distributed in all the events of reference; they are shipped to some selected contacts, and they can be freely downloaded from our website.

The objective of these dossiers is to spread technical information and experience that may facilitate and expand the use of recycled rubber in the various sectors of application as much as possible. (documents in italian)


Documentation and safety studies of recycled rubber granules from End-of-Life Tyres

Recycled rubber from End-of-Life Tyres: analysis on the safety of its use as infill for artificial turf football pitches. A study promoted by Ecopneus in Italy in 2016 provides clarity on the safety of rubber granules from recycled End-of-Life tyres for the infill of synthetic turf football pitches. (document in italian)
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ETRMA on “Safety of recycled rubber infill material
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Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM) on “Evaluation of health risks of playing sports on synthetic turf pitches with rubber granulate
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