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Download the printable sheets of Ecopneus to have a wider and more complete understanding of our activities and of the applications of recycled rubber:
Who is Ecopneus?
The recycling process of End-of-Life tyres
The applications or recycled rubber
Modified asphalts with recycled rubber
Recycled Rubber in sport
6. Insulating and anti-vibration materials in recycled rubber for the building industry


Ecopneus for recyclable rubber: an overview of uses, applications and installations. For a circular economy that enters your daily life.
Download PDF


The operative activities and the initiatives of awareness-raising promoted within the Protocol for the carrying out of extra-ordinary ELT collection interventions in the “Terra dei Fuochi”.
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Dossier of football pitches in synthetic turf with recycled rubber:
Scenario and advantages
The technological evolution of the infill and the use of synthetic turf pitches all over the world
Melete’s study and international case history
The valorisation of the Italian granules for the infill of synthetic turf pitches


Graphics of the new advertising campaign:

If you prefer you can download the graphics of the new advertising campaign in PDF:
Institutional campaign
Football pitches
Athletics tracks
The campaign against noise pollution