What ELT Academy is

Ecopneus - PFU Academy

The ELT Academy of Ecopneus is a platform for the creation of technical figures for the Control Bodies and officers of the Public Administration about ELT collection, recovery system and their legal and administrative implications.

Ecopneus constitutes a virtuous system, which, in few years, has been able to demonstrate efficiency and efficacy in the valorisation of a valuable material. It has also been able to give impulse to a suffering chain and to concretely intervene against important illegal dynamics that have exposed this typology of material to illegal trafficking and uncontrolled disposal for years.

The effort put into research and development of new uses for recycled rubber from End-of-Life Tyres (in partnership with prestigious universities and research centres of our country) has been flanked by activities of study, analyses on the topic of illegality which, in ever different forms and with parallel dynamics to the damage of the Country’s environment and economy, contrasts with the virtuous action that nowadays allows Italy to recover every single End-of-Life Tyre generated within the scope of legal channels of sale and distribution

The initiative of “ELT Academy” stems from here. It is a cycle of workshops aimed at technical figures of Bodies and Control Entities, Law Enforcement Bodies and Public Administration. They deal with legislative and administrative issues of ELT management in Italy.

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