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Important notice for the operators that that carry out TYRE REPLACEMENTS

In compliance with the rules and regulations stated in the Regulation for ELT Collection, all operators belonging to the so-called “spare parts market” that carry out tyre replacements, thus generating End-of-Life Tyres (EWC 16.01.03) can benefit from ELT collection service (if freely requested by them) from the part of the organisation managed by Ecopneus. The collections are extended also to retreading sites, for the identified shares of ELTs.

The collection shall be carried out without any expense for ELT generators, providing, though, the modalities agreed upon and clearly stated in the ELT collection Regulation are respected (minimum amount of collection, provision modalities, reporting system, etc.).

Registration and declaration of interest in the service

We ask all companies interested in benefiting from the free collection service to express their interest signing in here.

The interested companies shall provide us with the following information:

  • Company’s data, headquarters or operative locations;
  • Quantities of ELTs sent to recovery in the last three years, as seen from company’s official documentation;
  • Names of the operators used for collection and recovery;
  • Usually stored quantity and modalities of provision.


Information for those who are already correctly registered

Those who are already correctly registered and would like a quick consultation of the working modalities of the ELTIS system can download its manual.

Information for those who are already registered but are encountering some problems

Password recovery
Those who are already registered but cannot remember their password can recover it by following the indications set out in the page for the recovery of credentials.

Completion of registration
Those who are registered and have received the password as Natural Proprietor (password of registered offices) set out in the email with username Nxxx, but they still have not completed the registration of the ELT generation points, can consult this guide for adding their place of business.


False information and statements may be cause of annulment of the ongoing or initiating service. They may also eventually lead to damage claim, wherever caused.

For further information write to: