Collection from historical stock

Before the entering into force of the Decree 82/2011 in September 2011 and the subsequent obligation to implement an ELT collection and recovery system at national level in Italy, large amounts of ELTs were left at collection or treatment companies. Often following events bordering illegality, these large amounts of ELTs have left burdensome issues to tackle: they are the so-called “historical stocks”.

The same MD82/2011 forces the current ELT management bodies, such as Ecopneus, to destine at least 30% of the end of year fiscal surplus (if present) to intervene on “historical stocks”. However, among the various bodies in charge of ELT management in Italy, Ecopneus is the only one who has put such great effort into this task: since 2012 to today, Ecopneus has acted on 15 different historical stocks all over Italy. So far, it has handled over 84,000 tonnes of ELTs,equal to the weight of about 7 million single automobile tyres – a volume capable of filling over 80 Olympic swimming pools.

Thanks to the work of Ecopneus, the historical stocks of large dimension in Italy have been substantially all emptied.

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Summary of collection of ELTs from historical stocks

Intervention n° City Collected tons Completion date
1 Ferrara 7.617 March 2012
2 Oristano 2.107 June 2012
3 Olbia 821 November 2012
4 Buccino (SA) 3.416 November 2012
5 Poviglio (RE) 1.509 April 2013
6 Aulla (MS) 1.204 May 2013
7 Sassofeltrio (PU) 1.979 July 2013
8 Scisciano (NA) 8.483 October 2013
9 Battipaglia (SA) 3.372 November 2014
10 Eboli (SA) 3.204 April 2015
11 Rapolano (SI) 1.907 May 2015
12 Napoli
6.135 May 2016
13 Castelletto di Branduzzo (PV) 37.564 October 2017
14 Villa Literno (CE) 4.390 October 2018
15 Olbia
921 December 2018