Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy as per articles 13-14 of the EU’s Regulation n. 2016/679

In its role as data controller as per EU’s Regulation n. 2016/679 (here below also the “Regulation”), Ecopneus Scpa would like to inform you about its management of your personal information. They will be dealt with reference to Ecopneus’ website and the services and functionalities therein, (including newsletters) in compliance of the Regulation, of the Decree Law n. 196/03, “Rules for the Protection of Personal Data”, and of all other applicable laws.

Ecopneus is committed to respecting and protecting your privacy. As such, it would like you to feel safe during your browsing of their website, as well as in case you decided to supply us with your personal information, by way of example, for taking advantage of the services made available to Ecopneus’ clients, even by the means of Parent Companies and/or Subsidiaries, to subscribe to our newsletter or to be re-contacted by us.

Our website pages may contain, however, links to other subjects’ websites the present communication on data protection is not extended to.

The browsing data and the ones supplied by the user

The browsing data

During your surfing, our systems normally acquire some data whose transmission is implicit in the use of web communication protocols or is necessary for a better management and data flow optimisation, such as, by way of example, the visited pages.

These data may be used to obtain anonymous statistics on the use of the website or to check its correct functioning. These data are stored for the time technically necessary to these aims. Moreover, the information may be used to ascertain responsibility in case of IT crime suffered by our website.

The data voluntarily supplied by the user and those used for the newsletter mailing list

The people who are surfing the website may send Ecopneus their personal information to have access to certain services/functionalities or to send requests (e.g.: registration to the sections of the website for every single operator’s category), to ask to be re-contacted or to be added to the newsletter mailing list. Examples of information that may be given are: the user’s own email address, their personal and fiscal information, personal data inferable from the communication etc.

These data will be dealt with by Ecopneus only to allow access to services/functionalities involved and to handle requests, their subsequent execution and the activation of all eventual contractual issues. This will be done for the time technically necessary to carry out all necessary activities. The newsletter subscriptions are stored until the cancellation from the mailing list is requested.

The data handing described here-above is necessary to execute the requests. The data conferral is free; however, without it, Ecopneus will not be able to go ahead with the registrations, provide services or follow-up users’ requests. In any case, without prejudice of the rights of the person involved described at the bottom of the information document, it is possible to modify or delete the subscription to the mailing list at any time, without prejudice to the data handling carried out until that moment.

The newsletter mailing list includes also some email addresses deriving from Ecopneus’ institutional and commercial/professional contacts or that may be obtained from public lists and websites. This shall always be done coherently with the aim of the same. In these cases, the data handling depends on the legitimate interest of Ecopneus to update their contractual counterparts, the institutionally competent interlocutors, and about the events of the sector of common interest. In any case, all communication will be carried out with non-invasive modalities, via email. The addressees have the right to oppose to this communication, to the exception of what has already been dealt with.

Whenever the data as per this section were gathered for other aims, these will be described in specific information documents and, when necessary, the authorisation to data handling will be requested.

Use of Cookies

Typology and aim of cookies on Ecopneus’ website

Cookies are used by websites to recognise the users within a working session. As stated by the Privacy Guarantor’s provisions, cookies are “small text files” (composed of letters and numbers). “The websites visited by a user send cookies to their terminal (usually to the browser), where they are memorized. They are then sent back to the same websites when the user browses them again.”

Ecopneus’ website uses cookies to allow its browsing and for using its related services. Indeed, precisely for this reason, cookies are considered merely “technical” and they do not require the user’s consent.

The so-called “session cookies” are not permanently memorised on the user’s computer and they disappear upon closing the browser. Their use is strictly linked to the transmission of session identification data (which are server-generated random numbers) and they are necessary to allow safe and efficient website browsing. Indeed, in many case, they simplify it. They allow to type in the password less frequently during the same authenticated browsing session of Ecopneus’ pages. They anonymously identify the computer IP address and they do not store personal information – such as, by way of example, the computer name or the user ID, so the same user will be able to accept the cookies or not.

Moreover, some of our web pages and of our html email messages contain some “pixel tags”, “web beacons” or other technologies (overall known as “pixel tags”) that allow to keep track of the activities of the users that visit our website as well as the ones of the addressees of our email communication. We do not use pixel tags that directly store your name, email address and other personal information. To watch the videos present on the pages of our website, only the cookies released by Adobe Flash Player are used. These are anonymous and of short duration.

The website may use even longer-lasting or permanent cookies. These allow, for example, the access to the area to the registered users without logging in every time. They also allow to remember some users’ actions (for example: the filling in of a form) when one goes back to the previous page of a session.

In order to get to know how our visitors use our website, we use the services offered by Google and Google Analitycs to collect, aggregate, and analyse the data, so that we are able to better understand the use modalities of our Website. These cookies have limited duration. The collected information is used by Ecopneus in aggregated and anonymous form, for example, to monitor and analyse the use of the website, improve its functionality and more accurately choose its contents and graphics, in order to better satisfy the users’ needs.

Ecopneus’ website, instead, does not use cookies for users’ profiling.

Third parties’ cookies

The pages of Ecopneus’ website may contain the plug-ins of the most famous social networks (e.g.: Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Google +1) and of other services managed by involved third parties (e.g.: Google Maps and ISSUU viewer). Such plug-ins may, for example, correspond to Facebook’s “Like” button or Twitter’s “Retweet” button or to a window for playing a YouTube video. By accessing one or more of our web pages equipped with a similar plug-in, the internet browser links directly to the third parties’ server and a plug-in is visualised on the screen thanks to the browser connection.  The plug-in may communicate to third parties’ servers what pages the user has seen. If a social network user visits our web pages while he/she is connected to his/her account, such information may be associated to the account. Even in the case the plug-in functions were used (for example, by clicking on the “I like” button), the information will be associated to the account.

Here below we report the links to have information about these third parties’ privacy policies.

The non-acceptance of cookies and their disablement

The majority of the internet browsers are initially set to automatically accept cookies. The user may modify these settings to block cookies or to warn that cookies are transmitted to the same user’s device.

There are several ways of managing cookies. The user may make reference to the instruction manual or to the Assist screen of his/her browser to find out how to handle or modify the settings of his/her browser. In case of different devices (for example: computers, smartphones, tablets, etc.), the user will have to make sure that each browser is configured to reflect his/her own preferences related to cookies.

The indications for cookie management for the above-mentioned functionalities are found at the links here below for the main browsers.

For what concerns the Analytics cookies, Google supplies also a free add on for the opt-out, which can be installed on the main browsers (see.

Technical cookies, there included the ones of Google Analytics, are necessary to facilitate the functioning of the site and they do not require your specific approval, notwithstanding the afore-mentioned ways to refuse the use of cookies which, in any case, do not affect all previous data handling.

If you decided to prevent the installation of cookies, this may imply the impossibility of supplying the requested services or a not-so-pleasant browsing experience, for example, for having to type in login and password more often.

Modalities, aims and fundamentals of data handling and storage time

Data handling is carried out also by the means of electronic or automated tools. It is carried out by Ecopneus and/or third parties Ecopneus may avail itself of to store, manage and transmit the same information. Data management will be executed with logics of organisation and elaboration of your personal information, even related to the logs originated by the access and the use of the services made available via web, linked to the afore-mentioned aims and, in any case, in order to guarantee data and electronic communication safety and confidentiality.

The aims, the legal basis of data management, and the duration of the eventual data storage have been previously stated with reference to the single typologies of handled data. We here add that the data may be handled, when needed, in case of disputes or for Ecopneus’ defence and its legitimate interest to protect its own legal position. Moreover, data storage may be extended beyond the afore-mentioned time only for the fulfilling of legislative obligations or for the defence, even in legal proceedings, of Ecopneus’ interests. In such case, they will be stored for all necessary time to conclude all controversies.

Categories of subjects to whom data may be communicated or who may get to know them in their role as Data Controller or Data Processor

For the fulfilment of the afore-mentioned purposes, Ecopneus may communicate the personal data to third parties in Italy and abroad. This may include countries that do not belong to the European Union Ecopneus may avail itself of for the activities linked to its website and the management of the services/functionalities there contained and connected. Examples of such services/functionalities are contact requests and newsletters. Ecopneus shall provide these third parties exclusively with the necessary information to carry out the requested services, taking all precautions to protect the involved personal information.

Finally, the data may be communicated to public authorities that may request them for the exercise of their powers.

The subjects belonging to the afore-mentioned categories deal with personal data as distinct Controllers or in their role as responsible for the treatment appositely nominated by Ecopneus with the guarantees, as per art. 28 of the Regulation.

In Ecopneus, the data can be dealt with exclusively by the authorised personnel who may need to have access to them for the execution of their tasks and their working activities. Such subjects (e.g.: employees, temporary workers and/or any other “natural person” under Ecopneus’ direct authority) carry out their activities as authorised people and are based on the instructions they have received from Ecopneus, as per art. 30 of the Regulation.

In case of transfers outside the European Union, this shall be limited to those countries deemed adequate by the European Commission. In all other cases, the data transfer is subject to adequate guarantees as per the EU Regulation n. 679/2016, art. 46, 47 and 49, par. 2. Examples may be: “standard clauses” adopted or approved by the EU, codes of conduct and certification mechanisms. You may ask for information about this topic, there included a copy of the data or the indication of the place where they have been made available, by addressing a request to the contacts listed at the end of this page.

Rights of the person concerned

With reference to the handled personal information, the person concerned has the right to ask for access, rectification and cancellation of his/her data. He/she may also ask for the limitation of the data treatment that involve him/her. They also have the right of opposing to the same data management (without prejudice to the lawfulness of the data handling carried out until then). He/she also has the right to request data portability, within the limits and according to what stated in art. 15-22 of the Regulation.

Moreover, the person involved is entitled to appeal to the Guarantor for the protection of his/her personal data. The modalities to appeal are described on the Guarantor’s institutional website.

The headquarters of Ecopneus Scpa are in Via Messina 38, Torre B, 20154 Milan. For the exercise of their rights, the people involved may contact: mail: – tel.: 02 929701 – fax: 02 92970299.

This privacy policy was updated in the month of May 2018.