Ecopneus - Recupero energetico

Cement factories and companies that produce steam and electricity can benefit from the calorific value of ELTs, which is equal to that of coal. ELT properties make it much appreciated as a substitute for solid fossil fuels, thanks to the favourable relationship between calorific value and emissions.

In fact, the presence of natural rubber and cellulose-derived fibres in ELTs – estimated to correspond to 27% by weight by the Ministry of the Environment and Protection of Land and Sea – allows a considerable reduction in the quantity of fossil CO2 emitted by the combustion plants that use ELTs instead of fossil fuels. The low content of heavy metals and sulphur in end-of-life tyres,as compared to traditional fossil fuels, considerably reduces the presence of these elements in flue gases, thus facilitating their processing and confirming, in fact, the lower environmental impact given by the use of ELTs.

Since the very beginning of its activities, Ecopneus has strategically chosen to use the ELTs under its responsibility for material recovery first. This is in line with the European indications and the principles of the circular economy. It is also the only solution capable of valorising the chemical-physical characteristics of recycled rubber. As a consequence, the recovery of ELTs as fuel for the production of energy is secondary to their recovery as recycled materials. As such, in the chain, it is planned after the requests for waste from the part of the companies of the recycling sector.