Join Ecopneus

Important notice for all TYRE PRODUCERS AND IMPORTERS

All financial operators subject to the obligations stated in art. 228 of Decree Law 152/2006 (tyre producers and importers) who placed on the national spare parts market tyres deriving from imports during the previous year, can freely join Ecopneus and agree with the transfer of the management of their amounts of ELTs to the same company as an alternative to other provisions set down by the law.

Such agreements provide for the purchasing of at least one share of the company Ecopneus. This shall qualify the company as a Shareholder. The agreements also provide for the signing of a service contract containing all financial, commercial and operative terms and conditions.


We kindly ask the companies interested in joining Ecopneus to express their own interest to register downloading this form (NB: it is necessary to download the pdf file in order to fill it in and send it back correctly).

The interested companies shall provide the following information:

  • Company information;
  • Estimate of amounts and typologies of ELTs to be handled;
  • Other needs and observations.

The modalities of underwriting of the shares and of the implementation of the service shall be subsequently agreed upon in detail with the companies that will have sent their letter of intent.


False information and statements may be cause of annulment of the ongoing or initiating service. They may also eventually lead to damage claim, if caused.

For further information please write to: