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Multipurpose, Basketball and Volleyball Tyrefield Surfaces

Tyrefield gomma riciclataIn Tyrefield sports surfaces, recycled rubber is used to make the performing layer under the playing surface. The used mixes are designed to obtain both an adequate shock absorption, and an optimisation of the return of elastic energy. In its turn, the latter gives a perfect answer to the athlete’s biomechanical needs. It also provides for a reduction of muscular fatigue, the reduction of micro traumas and an improvement of sports performances.

The multipurpose Tyrefield sports surfaces with recycled rubber can be made either by “melting on the spot” a mix of rubber granules and polyurethane resins, or by assembling prefabricated mats in recycled rubber to make a single surface. In both cases, a coloured acrylic resin is then applied on the rubber layer. This guarantees the correct grip. The marking lines to define the pitches/courts are then applied on the coloured resin. These are the typologies of surfaces present, by way of example, in schools, in sports centres, for indoor and outdoor installations, or in gyms, and they are appropriate for almost all sports disciplines, from volleyball to basketball, from gymnastics to dance, from handball up to 5-a-side football. Ecopneus has been the Sustainability Partner of Trento’s Sports Festival since 2018. Every year, several Tyrefield surfaces are created on this occasion and they are constantly animated with activities and training sessions, with today’s and yesterday’s sports champions.

Every year, a special guest is Giacomo “Gek” Galanda – ex captain of the Italian National Basketball Team and Olympic Silver Medallist at Athens 2004. On this occasion, he dedicates a morning to great basketball together with the young basketball players from the Trento Region.

A 3×3 basketball court has also been created using Tyreplast tiles as the base layer for the 2021 edition of the Sports FestivalThese tiles have been developed with the support of  SP Plast. This solution allows to create temporary or removable sports surfaces as they are not attached to the ground. However, they are as performing as permanent sports surfaces.


In basketball it is necessary to be able to rely on floorings that faithfully recreate the feeling of the return of energy upon jumping. They must also be able to guarantee shock absorption without being excessively “elastic”, as this aspect would affect the athlete’s weariness, thus compromising his/her performance.

In case of removable or temporary playing surfaces, like the ones installed in Trento or in San Benedetto del Tronto for the final of the 33BK Streetball 2018, the rubber layer is made by laying and assembling prefabricated mats in recycled rubber. A specific interlocking removable flooring is then placed on this layer. This surface complies with the requisites of FIBA – the International Basketball Federation.

In Verona, instead, an outdoor, innovative, and eco-sustainable basketball court was made thanks to over 4,700 kg of recycled rubber (equal to the weight of over 500 car tyres). It can offer street basketball fans a playing experience that is both safe and of high quality. Indeed, thanks to recycled rubber from ELTs, elasticity, flexibility, shock absorption, resistance to all weather conditions, and durability will make this basketball court a playing environment very similar to the one of champions. Giacomo Gek Galanda, ex capitano della nazionale di basket

The project has been carried out thanks to the collaboration of Giacomo “Gek” Galanda, ex captain of the Italian National Basketball team and currently advisor with the Italian Basketball Federation. Thanks to his experience as a professional athlete at the highest levels for many years, Galanda personally tested three sports surfaces in recycled rubber and the court in Verona is the synthesis of the best characteristics and performances of each one of them. Moreover, it will be subject to university tests with the objective of homologating the basketball court.


Il campo in gomma riciclata di Brembate

Given the specific characteristics of volleyball, it is fundamental to be able to rely on a type of surface that can absorb the shock from falls with excellent elasticity and high amortising characteristics.


The various technologies available for its realisation and the thickness of the mat in recycled rubber imply a substantial difference of the surfaces that can be obtained in terms of deformation, elastic performance, grip and also a different reaction for what concerns foot support.

On the other hand, different reactions mean that this type of technology can satisfy many needs: from the need of maximum sprint (which requires a surface with a lot of grip and little elasticity) to the need of a support base that is more oriented to the prevention of repeated micro traumas (thus, with low friction and greater elasticity).

The Tyrefield volleyball surface installed in Trento, by way of example, was made by assembling some prefabricated mats made with recycled rubber. They were glued together with a specific epoxy-polyurethane glue. A coloured film was then applied on this layer. This film is made of acrylic resins. The marking lines of the court were then painted on the same coloured film. A further superficial finishing layer completes the court. The court appears with a slightly embossed surface, which is characterised by excellent resistance to all weather conditions, to UV lights and with high physical-mechanic characteristics.

Instead in Brembate di Sopra (BG), a volleyball court was made “melting on the spot” and laying a mix of over 6,000 kg of recycled rubber granules. These granules are bound with polyurethane resins to create a single surface. A specific coloured polyurethane finishing was then applied to this rubber surface. Finally, the marking lines of the various sports were applied on the coloured polyurethane film.


Tyrefield at the Trento Sport Festival


Some of the protagonists at the Trento Sports Festival! If you want to see all the photos of the champions on the Tyrefield, visit the dedicated page.