Sailing and Water Sports

Tyrefield surfaces in recycled rubber: a new partner of the world of sailing and water sports

The Tyrefield tiles made with recycled rubber from End-of-Life tyres are an environmentally sustainable and highly performing material developed for complying with the needs of those who work in the sailing business and in the maritime industry. They are a concrete answer to the needs of safety and protection of both professionals and sea enthusiasts.

Indeed, the Tyrefield surfaces can be used in every situation where safety is necessary: outdoor walkways, technical areas, or access to the sea.

The tests carried out at Genoa’s Italian Yacht Club

Tyrefield tiles have been installed at Genoa’s Italian Yacht Club – the oldest sailing club of the Mediterranean Sea. The Tyrefield tiles have been placed along the walkways, the 6×6 technical areas and on the slides that allow access to the sea of this prestigious club.

The tests carried out after their installation have highlighted the following benefits of the Tyrefield surfaces:

  • HIGH BOAT PROTECTION: the high shock absorption capacity of the Tyrefield tiles contributes to the reduction of the issues deriving from the boats approaching hard surfaces such as, for example, the maintenance areas.
  • PEOPLE’S GREATER SAFETY: the grip of the Tyrefield surfaces made with recycled rubber noticeably reduces the possibility of slipping in those areas close to water or that are particularly wet.
  • ENVIRONMENTAL SUSTAINABILITY: The Tyrefield tiles come from a recycling process. As such, they reduce the environmental impact derived from the use of virgin raw materials. This is a further plus in those sectors where environmental protection is of uttermost importance.