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Ecopneus Report 2019

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The management of End-of-Life Tyres (ELTs) in Italy represents a case of excellence at international level. Indeed, our Country has been able to bring to speed a mana- gement system that covers all national territory extensively and that has guaranteed the collection and recovery of 100% of ELTs that have been legally placed on the spare parts market since 2011.

Within the scope of this system, Ecopneus manages an average of over 220,000 tonnes of ELTs all over the national territory every year. It carries out continuous and detailed interventions in every Italian region and province, thus assuring the collection of ELTs even in hard-to-reach areas. Ecopneus collects every type and dimension of ELTs: from large construction site vehicles, to small city cars.


Today, the main objective for both the present and the future of our Country is to set up a circular economy. It is a lynchpin for the protection of the natural environment and for an economy that looks to the future, making sustainability a fundamental element of development and new qualified jobs, thanks to research and innovation. Ecopneus has always known that its main objective is the following: on top of waste management, its commitment has always focused on the promotion of the uses of recycled rubber, the market of its applications, and the qualification of the companies of the chain, basing its work on ethics and legality.

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