Material and energy recovering

Comparison (in percentage) between the quantities of ELTs sent for material and energy recovery

  2022 2023
2024 (uptaded at 30th April )
Material recovery 41,7% 34% 38%
Energy recovery 58,3% 66% 62%

Valorisation of rubber from recycling

Ecopneus is committed to the valorisation of recycled rubber on the national market. This complies with some basic assumptions:

  • put into practice the hierarchy adopted by the EU –and by the Italian Legislator – for waste management, prioritising material recovery and favouring the preparatory phases of reuse and reconstruction;
  • accompany and support the consolidation and development of the companies of the sector for an ever better quality of the material leaving the plants;
  • promote the marketsfor the available material, preferring the national market and resorting to using services abroad only as a second option.

Ecopneus is strongly committed to the recycling of rubber from ELTs. It also pays great attention to the preparation to ELT recovery as derived fuel for the production of energy  for those amounts that the market of applications is not able to absorb every year. This segment represents a fundamental component for the closing of the cycle of ELT recovery: first of all, in the face of an internal market of recycled rubber from ELTs that is still not sufficiently mature to absorb all the available material and, secondly, due to the legislative obstacles that do not fully favour its development.

All these actions are linked to positive effects that go beyond the correct management of waste. They also concern the stabilisation and promotion of new occupation, the creation of new markets for companies, the creation of a segment of the circular economy that works and that, in perspective, is fed in a single market logic.
The incessant work of Ecopneus on these fronts has contributed to the virtuous dynamic that can be observed in the data about the relationship between material recovery  and energy recovery  of the rubber recycled from ELTs in these years.