Model 231 and code of ethics

Ecopneus - code of ethics

The management, organization and control model, the so called model 231, is a consistent set of principles, procedures, and regulations affecting the internal functioning of Ecopneus and its external relationship.

Legislative Decree n° 231/01 has introduced the system of “administrative responsibility” for the organizations in case of crimes committed or attempted by administrators, employees, and persons subjected to the direction or surveillance of the same organizations. The adoption and the valid implementation of organizational, management and control models aimed at preventing crimes excludes the responsibility of the bodies.

The rules of conduct contained in this Model are integrated by the Ethical Code, adopted by the company in order to sanction the company’s professional ethics. All recipients participating in the corporate organization must comply with such professional ethics. Examples of recipients may be: shareholders, administrators, managers, employees, consultants, contractual partners, and any partner establishing, directly or indirectly, permanently or temporarily, a business relationship with Ecopneus.

Download the full PDF Model 231 of management, organization and control of Ecopneus rev. 0.3 of March 2018 with also the Special Parts

Download the full PDF of the Code of Ethics of Ecopneus, rev 0.3 of March 2017