The 1st National Convention of Ecopneus Member Operators, the key players of the national End-of-Life Tyre management system, was held at the Holiday Inn Hotel in the Parco de Medici in Rome on September 15th and 16th.

The Convention was opened by the Ecopneus Chairman, Mr. Alessandro De Martino and the General Manager Mr. Giovanni Corbetta whose speeches were followed by that of the lawyer Mrs. Paola Ficco on the regulatory aspects of the management of End-of-Life Tyres in Italy. The rest of the first working day saw the contributions of other members of the Ecopneus staff, Daniele Fornai, David Denti and Silvia Tommasoli, who illustrated the new features introduced by Ministerial Decree 82/2011, which marked the start of the ELT management process across the entire country. After the speech made by Mr. Mauro Zandona from Unicredit, Mrs. Maria Luisa De Petris from Hill&Knowlton Gaia spoke about the communication aspects that have supported Ecopneus’ activities over the past two years.

The second day was dedicated to workgroup sessions in which the Ecopneus Area Managers met with operators to give them a close-up picture of how the SI2 Management Information System works, share the practical aspects of their business, discuss some details and clarify any doubts.

The presence and participation of the audience was significant on both days as was Ecopneus’ fulfilment with the success of the event, which was intended as a kick-off for the new ELT management system: to share the practical aspects on which the new system is based and the challenges to be taken up in the near future.