A seminar promoted by Ecopneus, University of San Marino, and the State’s Autonomous Company for Public Works (AASLP-Azienda Autonoma di Stato per i Lavori Pubblici) will be held in Domagnano (San Marino) on Thursday 18th April at 8:30


The most updated sustainable technologies available to have roads that are more silent, last longer, better resist damage, offer optimal adherence to the surface and water drainage, also thanks to the use of rubber powder recycled from End-of-Life tyres. This is what will be debated during the seminar “High-performing and low environmental impact floorings”, organised by the degree course of Civil Engineering of the State University of the Republic of San Marino in collaboration with the State’s Autonomous Company for Public Works (AASLP) and Ecopneus, the non-profit company that manages the collection, transport and treatment of about 220,000 tonnes of End-of-Life tyres every year. The aims of Ecopneus are many and include the promotion and support of recycled rubber applications. Among them, there is also the contribution to the use of road surfaces that combine high-level mechanical performances with positive consequences for society with reference to noise reduction and environmental sustainability. All this is precisely done by the means of the use of recycled materials.

Currently there are over 470 km/lanes made with asphalts modified with the addition of ELT-derived powder: these are road surfaces with better mechanical performances compared to conventional bitumen. Moreover, they last up to three times more and are able to reduce the noise generated by the passage of vehicles up to 7dB. This solution would allow the Public Administration to optimally invest the resources for road infrastructures, reducing discomfort for the users and using a highly-performing material, which is also 100% made in Italy.

The meeting is planned on Thursday 18th April at 8:30 in the Sala Montelupo of the town of Domagnano (San Marino). Among its main objectives, this meeting would like to set up a network for the exchange of knowledge and experiences among the various players of the chain of the road sector with an action of awareness raising on the use of innovative materials and technologies. These activities have already started on the territory thanks to the activities carried out by Degree Course in Civil Engineering of the University of San Marino in collaboration with the State’s Autonomous Company for Public Works in the course of the last years. The participants will also be offered an overview of the techniques available on the Italian market to combine high performances, sound absorption, and the use of materials with high environmental value. Moreover, designers and Managing Bodies will have the opportunity to present and share their experiences stemming from recent projects and not only.


The technical notebooks about modified asphalts

In collaboration with Universities and research centres, Ecopneus has promoted a chain of technical reports where technical issues, case histories, formulations, and performances of the various typologies of modified asphalts are scientifically discussed. The objective is to favour the circulation of information and technical updates among all technicians and the players of the Italian asphalt chain, which may lead to a large-scale extension of this valid solution for our roads. Download them all!
Prestazioni acustiche degli asfalti modificati
Guida alla produzione di bitumi con polverino di gomma
La Variante Canali di Reggio Emilia: una strada green
Strati di usura con polverino da PFU per la viabilità urbana


The use of SBR rubber powder from End-of-Life Tyres (ELTs): productive technologies, technical specifications and experiences of applications at national and international level

18th April 2019, at 8.30
Sala Montelupo, P.zza F. da Sterpeto, 3
47895 Domagnano (Republic of San Marino)


Free attendance, limited places. For info and registration, by 12th April: andrea.grilli@unirsm.sm

The seminar lasts for 4 hours. Those who will have attended 100% of the hours, they will have the right to the awarding of 4 Professional Training Credits as per National Engineers’ Association (CNI) regulation. To obtain the Professional Training Credits, the engineers must register at: www.associazionecongenia.it.


– 08.30 Enrolment

– 09.00 Authorities’ welcome: State Secretariat, AASLP

– 09.15 The use of SBR rubber recycled from tyres in the road sector: a long journey towards the circular economy; Mr. Daniele Fornai, Ecopneus

– 09.45 Asphalt Rubber bituminous conglomerates: an eco-friendly solution for all the layers of road surfaces: Engineer Stefano Broccardi Schelmi, Asphalt Rubber Italia

– 10.15 Sustainable Pavement Construction Policies to Address Simultaneously Global Warming and Billions of End of Life Tires; Dr. Jorge Sousa, FHL Group

– 10.45 the use of the dry technology for soundproofing surfaces: the case of S.P. 82 in the Province of Alessandria; Engineer Loretta Venturini, Iterchimica – Engineer Massimo Robiola, Province of Alessandria

– 11.15 Coffee break.

– 11.30 Conglomerates and slurry seals with low sound emission with modified bitumen (PmB) and rubber powder from ELTs; Mr. Massimo Paolini, Valli Zabban

– 12.00 The Canali variant ten years after its inauguration: a Green Road; Engineer Valerio Bussei, Province of Reggio Emilia

– 12.30 Wear layer with rubber powder from ELTs: application on the viability of the City of Rimini; Engineer Alberto Dellavalle, Council of Rimini

with the contribution of:  Engineer Stefano Silvegni, Cooperativa Braccianti Riminese – Engineer Alex Celli, Pesaresi Costruzioni

– 13.00 The Life Nereide European project: evaluation of the acoustic performances of the surfaces with rubber powders; Professor Gaetano Licitra, University of Pisa

– 13.30 final thoughts and discussion

Engineer Andrea Grilli, University of the Studies of the Republic of San Marino