The Limited Consortium honoured in the category “Respect of the Environment”.

Giovanni Corbetta and the prize Today, on the occasion of the award ceremony of the GIPA Trophies hold at Autopromotec, Ecopneus has won the “Excellence Trophy” in the category “Respect of the Environment”.

Ecopneus, a non-profit Limited consortium established to manage the traceability, collection, treatment, and final recovery of End of Life Tyres (ELT) in Italy, during an interview by GIPA carried out in March 2013, have been acknowledged by Italian repairers and distributors as the company that particularly distinguished itself for its environmental respect contribution.

We are honoured to receiving this reward confirming the system’s efficacy and efficiency Giovanni Corbetta, Ecopneus Managing Director stated. For us this trophy has a special value not only because all our activities are devoted to environmental respect and protection, but especially because end-of-life-tyres recovery and their re-use as material and energy can offer an important contribution to improve the environment and to develop a “green” market in Italy.

GIPA Italia established the “Excellence Trophies” in 1997. Edition after edition, GIPA’s Excellence Trophies have become an important meeting and comparison occasion for major players of the automotive aftermarket. The main purpose of the “Excellence Trophies” is to reward people, companies, projects that distinguished themselves in terms of Strategy, Development, Innovation, car drivers’ Assistance and Satisfaction, Knowledge Diffusion among all sector’s players.