From 6th to 9th October, Ecopneus will be present with a stand next to Vennvind at Barcolana. The congress “safe docking” has been planned for 7th October. On this occasion, a fender made with rubber recycled from End-of-Life Tyres will be presented to the public. It is the result of the application of the circular economy to the nautical sector.


Environmental sustainability and safety will be the topics dealt with by Ecopneus and Uisp (Italian Union Sports for Everbody) at the 54^ edition of Barcolana, the largest regatta for everybody in the world. It will be held in Trieste from 6th to 9th October. The two partners will be present at stands 21 and 22 in the Barcolana Village, Bacino San Giorgio, from 6th to 9th October. Vennvind, the technical partner for the Sailing activities of Uisp, will be joining them.

A public meeting will be held in the Auditorium “salone degli incanti” on 7th October at 10:00 am. The title of the meeting is: “Safe dockings with recycled rubber – Uisp and Ecopneus together for the sailing sector”. This meeting has been scheduled in the international planning of the Barcolana thanks to the importance of the issues being discussed. This initiative was born out of the collaboration between Uisp and Ecopneus within the scope of the circular economy and the environmental sustainability.

Tiziano Pesce, National President of Uisp, is going to present the results of a survey sent to all sports and sailing club members of Uisp. This survey dealt with the safety of dockings and the possible applications of recycled rubber to this problem. “Safety and attention to the environment characterise our vision of sport for everybody. We are happy that they are heading towards the direction provided for by the new programs for obtaining the boat licence. We are certain that they will represent an impulse towards the development of the sailing sector in Italy, above all, among the young people”.

Sara Vito, the person in charge of the ecological transition for Uisp, and event coordinator, stated: “Sport can be a protagonist of the ecological transition by the means of innovative and training courses. It is an opportunity for the sailing world to rethink its own sports activities in a more sustainable way”.

Giorgio Pisano, the person in charge of market development for Ecopneus, commented: “Rubber recycled from End-if-Life Tyres is a performing material. We believe it to be extremely useful in the sailing sector. We are at the Barcolana with Uisp to present some innovative solutions for the safety of Yacht Clubs, nautical clubs, ports and docks. After testing the validity of the surfaces made with recycled rubber at Genoa’s yacht club, we are presenting the first prototype of fender made with rubber recycled from ELTs here in Trieste. This is a further step towards the full circular economy of ELTs”.

The public meeting “Safe dockings with recycled rubber”, planned at the Auditorium “Salone degli Incanti” for Friday 7th October at 10:00 aims at creating a virtuous network among the business, training and association worlds. It also wants to systematise the best experience with courage and a vision of the future as well as with concrete actions. The participants will be: Tiziano Pesce, National President of Uisp; Giorgio Pisano, person in charge of Market Development of Ecopneus; Loris Causin, person responsible for the sailing sector of Uisp; Ship Commander Luca Mantovani, Area Leader of Difesa Servizi Spa, Riccardo Simoneschi, General Manager SSI Sport & Events, Renato Marconi, sole administrator of Marinedi. Sara Vito, the person responsible for the social Balance sheet and the ecological transition of Uisp, will introduce and coordinate the meeting. A representative of the council of the city of Trieste and Ezio Tavasani, ship owner and skipper of New Zealand Endeavour, will greet the attendants.

During the course of the Barcolana, Loris Causin, national person responsible of the Sailing department of Uisp, will explain the projects planned for the Uips sailing activities: The Solstice Festival, Sustainable Sailing, Uisp in the wind and Let’s set sail. There will be room also for the training meetings. The meeting will close with the presentation of the sustainable sailing school.