Today, September 7, 2015, we celebrate the achievement of 1,000,000 tonnes of end-of-life tyres collected and recovered since the beginning of our activity, four years ago, on September 7, 2011.

One million tonnes is equivalent to the weight of over 100 million individual car tyres that have served millions of families, companies, and communities.  An impressive number, in four years of work, which however does not have only a quantitative significance.  Because the activity implemented by Ecopneus has allowed useful materials not to be wasted – indeed materials that are scare worldwide because they are derived from petroleum or natural rubber – and to recover them under the form of powder for silent asphalts, environmentally friendly sports flooring, soundproofing for construction, energy generation, cement production and the growth throughout Italy of recycling knowledge and culture.  There’s more: our activity has also translated into a boost to the legality of the system and has raised the quality level of the end-of-life tyre recycling industrial chain, which on its own gives work to over 700 people.  We have tried to interpret the provision of the law with a spirit of great attention to ethics and responsibility: these values are an integral part of the results that we bring to the country, for which today we want to thank everyone who has contributed and helped us.

Giovanni Corbetta

Director General, Ecopneus