Ecopneus is also at Autopromotec 2015 in Hall 20 – A28 from May 20-24 in Bologna.  At the stand’s asphalt room you can virtually put yourself behind the wheel of a car and test first-hand the many advantages of asphalt modified with recycled rubber.

Silent streets, without holes or cracks, that are even safer also thanks to better grip and better water drainage.  This would be every Italian motorist’s daily reality if all of our country’s roads were made using asphalt modified with recycled rubber powder.

A concrete reality for over fifty years throughout the world, it is finding more and more space in Italy thanks to the high performance of the technology but also to the deep and on-going commitment to raising awareness and spreading information carried out by Ecopneus, the non-profit company that is the leading manager of end-of-life tyres in Italy.

Ecopneus’ commitment was enough for it to be nominated for the second consecutive time as the “Asphalt Rubber Ambassador” by the Rubber Pavements Association, a US non-profit organization that internationally promotes the widest possible dissemination of asphalts containing recycled rubber powder.  Ecopneus was the “Asphalt Rubber Ambassador” for the three-year period 2012-2015 and has now also been confirmed for the next three years.

As of today there are approximately 250 km/lane realized in Italy with bitumen modified with recycled rubber and the citizens of 27 provinces throughout Italy can benefit from them.  Not only motorists, in fact, can appreciate their characteristics: the halving of road traffic noise is one of the strong points of this technology, and is joined by an average life 3 times longer than “traditional” asphalts and a greater resistance to cracks and fissures, with less need for maintenance operations.

This translates into less construction sites for the city and less costs for the public administration, while at the same time guaranteeing an excellent and environmentally sustainable pavement.  Each year over 350,000 tons of tyres reach the end of their life in Italy; of these 252,000 are managed only by EcopneusWith these it would be possible to pave over 6,300 km of streets with modified bitumen, four times the distance between Rome and Copenhagen.