Over 2 million tonnes of End-of-Life tyres collected, recovered, and transformed by the Ecopneus chain become a source of wealth for our Country. A world of possibilities is born out of the rubber recycled from ELTs. This was the topic of conversation of the General Manager of Ecopneus, Mr Giovanni Corbetta, host of the Tv programme Geo&Geo on Rai Tre last 2nd October.

From 2011 to today, over 2 million tonnes of End-of-Life tyres have been collected by Ecopneus, of which, over 130,000 tonnes beyond its legal target. This is a unique effort in Italy, which strongly contributes to avoid the risk of an environmentally wrong management. This objective can be fully met only with the contribution of all entities currently authorised to ELT management in Italy.

By way of example, only in 2019, thanks to the activities of recovery and recycling of Ecopneus, the emission of over 371,000 tonnes of CO2 equivalent has been avoided (the equivalent of 210,000 automobiles travelling 30,000 km in a year), a water consumption of almost 1.5 million m3 (a volume equivalent to the average daily consumption of over 6 million people), and the use of 337,000 tonnes of virgin raw materials (equal to the weight of 690 high-speed “Frecciarossa” trains).