The Ecopneus Sports Newsletter has been created to tell the real story of recycled rubber in sports facilities through analyses, articles and images.  It will illustrate, on a quarterly basis, experiences, projects and any other information on this sector in Italy and around the world, from the point of view of sports teams that have tested the materials as well as companies, technicians and researchers, together with administrations and institutions that have chosen this solution for the sports floorings in their cities.

The creation of a sports field thanks to the recycling of tyres in Italy, as in the rest of the world, not only represents a concrete reality, but represents one of the best results of the ELT recovery and processing chain.  The phenomenon is already widely consolidated: in the case of new football fields made of artificial turf alone – around 3000 are produced throughout the world each year – over 90% are realized with infill made of rubber recycled from ELTs.  Considering that about 100 to 130 tonnes of recycled rubber are needed for the infill for each 11-a-side football field, the global demand for infill nears 600,000 tonnes of rubber equivalent.

This very high demand is none the lower in Italy, and is also constant in the case of basketball courts, football fields, volleyball courts, tennis courts and athletics tracks made of recycled rubber, regarding which it is still important to disseminate the characteristics of quality, excellence and safety for the performances of the athletes.

The foundation of the Ecopneus Sports Newsletter editorial project is therefore a desire to make known the enormous potential of this area, on which Ecopneus is focusing to promote the reuse of materials and support the development of the circular economy in Italy.  It is to support the market for these applications and promote the entire industrial sector that Ecopneus, which is already active in this sense in the area, has decided to promote a new information tool through which to provide scientific insights, international testimonials, experiences, projects and any other information on the benefits of surfaces made of recycled rubber from ELTs.

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