Ecopneus, thanks to its partnership with treatment plants and collection and transportation companies all over the country, has been able to send to the correct treatment about 7 million kilograms of End of Life Tyres in the first 5 months of 2013 in Veneto, thus assuring their correct recovery in terms of energy and material for use of public utility.

These are the data provided during the first step of the 2013 event Ecopneus Open Plants, held today in Possagno (TV) at Graneco Rubber’s plant.

After last year’s success, Ecopneus’ initiative re-starts from Treviso Province, with the collaboration of FISE UNIRE – UNIRIGOM, to show more closely to institutions, industrial world, sector operators, controlling bodies, and general public how treatment and recovery processes are managed and, above all, demonstrate how a new life can be given to End of Life Tyres.

Of the 6.900 ELT tons collected in Veneto, over 21% comes from Verona province (1.435 tons), followed by Treviso (1.315 tons), Vicenza (1.275 tons), Venezia (1.010 tons), Padova (1.165 tons), Rovigo (375 tons), and Belluno (325).

Open House, represents an important opportunity to highlight the work, commitment, seriousness, and professionalism of all chain’s operators – tyre dealers, transporters, storage centres, treatment plants – and above all to better inform public opinion and experts about this precious material suitable for multiple and very interesting usesGiovanni Corbetta, Ecopneus Managing Director stated.

The applications of ELT’s treatment derived materials, in fact, covers different fields, and all guarantee performances, environmental, and social advantages: sport surfaces (football fields, athletic tracks, basket and volley fields, racecourses); road asphalts with modified bitumen for roads with longer durability, weatherproof, less noisy, with higher drainage in case of rain; kerbs, traffic markers, speed humps in our cities to which we can add flower boxes, roundabouts, traffic islands; insulating materials for building works such as soundproofing and thermo insulating barriers in floors; fuel for cement works, paper mills, thermoelectric power plants, etc.

End of Life Tyres collection in Veneto
(January 1st – May 31st, 2013)
Province ELT tons collected % total region
Verona 1.435 21
Treviso 1.315 19
Vicenza 1.275 18
Padova 1.165 17
Venezia 1.010 15
Rovigo 375 5,4
Belluno 325 4,6
TOTAL 6.900 tons 100%

Graneco Rubber plant

Born in Ferrara in 1998 but moved recently to Possagno (TV), at Mount Grappa’s feet, Graneco Rubber srl can count on over ten years of activity. The new production plant, beside Settentrionale Trasporti’s headquarter, covers a surface of 5.000 sqm on a total area of over 15.000. Graneco Rubber manages the warehousing, selection, grinding, steel-cleaning of End of Life Tyres to obtain granules and powders of different shape and size, also coloured, for applications in sport surfaces, soundproofing materials or technical rubberized articles. Besides, the company produces ELT fuel with pieces of 2 cm (chips).