The Ministry for the Environment and the Safeguard of Land and Sea (MATTM) has communicated the waste recovery fees valid for the Ecopneus member companies (Bridgestone, Continental, Goodyear Dunlop, Marangoni, Michelin and Pirelli) which, starting from September 7th, 2011, everyone will have to pay when they buy tyres manufactured by the six companies, as laid down by Decree no. 82 of April 11th, 2011. The receipt for purchase of the tyre will indicate the value of the fee and the following wording: “waste recovery fee in accordance with art. 228 of Legislative Decree no. 152 of April 3rd, 2006“.

The new ELT management procedure comes into effect today, September 7th: the tyre replace operators (tyre dealers) that have registered with Ecopneus will therefore be able to request to have their ELTs collected free of charge, by entering their request on the web site.
Any dealers who have not yet done so may proceed to register on this site.

To see the imports, visit the page “Fees for the Ecopneus member companies (subject to VAT)