Ecopneus has signed an agreement with Eni, in order to evaluate the appropriate technologies for the valorisation of ELTs to develop chemically and energetically sustainable products. The aim is to implement a regenerative circular economy.

The agreement has reinforced the partnership between Eni and Ecopneus. Together, they have already collaborated on a project in Massafra (Taranto) for the laying of an asphalt modified with polymers and powders from rubber from ELTs. The project was carried out thanks to an agreement with the Council of Massafra in June 2020. Eni offered the bitumen produced in their Taranto refinery, Ecopneus the technical know how it has acquired in over ten years of promotion and support of rubberised asphalts in Italy, and Irigom – a partner company of Ecopneus – supplied the rubber powder from ELTs at “0 Km”.

Michele Viglianisi, the person in charge of the Circular Economy and the bio-refineries of Eni, said: “With this agreement, we have widened the synergies of the offer of decarbonised and circular products for the creation of sustainable road infrastructure and for the production of waste-derived fuel, such as pyrolysis oil, a product of the treatment of end-of-life tyres».

«We have been engaged in activities of ELT recovery and recycling for years” – stated Federico Dossena, General Manager of Ecopneus. “We have been the forerunners of a circular approach aimed at identifying the best ELT valorisation modalities in collaboration with qualified partners in the various sectors where recycled rubber can be used: asphalts, sports surfaces, soundproofing materials, urban furniture, and much more. We could not have found a better partner than Eni ».