A 2,000 sq./m training surface with over 65,000 kg of recycled rubber made by Pomix and Italgreen will be at the centre of the presence of Ecopneus at Fieracavalli. We’ll be waiting for you from 25thto 28thOctober in Verona!

In the last 30 years several improvements to the various surfaces used for training or competition have been introduced: they went from natural turf surfaces, which are often irregular and of different compactness, to sand surfaces, softer and apparently more comfortable and performing in different climate conditions. However, in the last years, work surfaces for horse riding have been spreading also in Italy, whose characteristic is that rubber recycled from End-of-Life Tyres is being used instead of – or combined with –traditional sand. This is an innovative solution that combines sport, environmental sustainability and the wellbeing of horses and their riders.

A state-of-the-art technology that has advantages both from the point of view of the management of sports centres and for horses’ health. A recent study carried out by the Department of Veterinary Studies of the University of Perugia coordinated by Professor Marco Pepe has confirmed how surfaces in recycled rubber are excellent training and leisure surfaces and are analogous to the best sand surfaces, at least for the three gaits and dressage. Moreover, they offer good comfort of use for both horses and their riders.

Watch the programme of activities on the surface and the one of the meetings organised at the Ecopneus-Uisp stand

“The sector of horse riding sports is very responsive towards this concrete technological innovation”, Giovanni Corbetta, General Manager of Ecopneus stated. “We have involved one of the most qualified university departments for veterinary medicine to have the benefits on the animals scientifically tested of a surface as soft and comfortable as recycled rubber is. To these advantages, one must add a simpler and cheaper management of horse riding centres, as well as the use of a precious material such as recycled rubber”.

Vincenzo Manco, National President of UISP said: “Every year the presence of Uisp and Ecopnes at FieraCavalli offers a new point of view to bring people of all ages close to equestrian activities. This year, we are aiming at the presentation of the research of the University of Perugia on work surfaces in recycled rubber to relate the advantages of the circular economy with the objectives of sustainable development of the 2030 ONU’s Agenda. Sports for everybody and Uisp’s equestrian activities, which put the health of both horses and riders to the centre, are a contribution to the improvement of the quality of life and of the environment”.

To show the characteristics of the work surfaces in recycled rubber to specialists of the sector, to horse riders, managers but also to curious and passionate people, Ecopneus and Uisp created a 2,000 square metres surface at FieraCavalli (25/28thOctober in Verona), thanks also to the support of Pomix and Italgreen. The work surface is made with 50,000 kg of recycled rubber granules coloured with a coloured acrylic pigment, mixed with encapsulated sand. Under this layer a synthetic turf surface guarantees the correct stability of the granules. In its turn, it is placed on a specific underlayer with rubber tiles. This brings the total of recycled rubber used for the surface to over 65,000 kg, which is equivalent to over 7,000 car tyres. An additional 25,000 kg of recycled rubber has been used to create service areas and walkways on the sides of the horse riding surface.

Intense sports activities will be carried out on the horse riding surface in recycled rubber: from the II edition of the Ecopneus-Uips Trophy to the exhibition of Arabian Horses; from the exhibition of the riders of the Military Veterinary Centre of the Italian Army to the ones of vaulting. The official inauguration of the surface will be on Thursday 25th, with Filippo Bologni as a special guest. Bologni has won many jumping competitions and he will also hold a show on the surface. On Friday 26th at 16:30 the appointment will be at the stand Ecopneus-UISP (Pavillion 4, stand C3) for the presentation of the research of Professor Mario Pepe from the University of Perugia. Also many UISP clubs will participate with 42 horses coming from the UISP horse riding centres all over Italy.