A new graphic layout, more dynamic and meeting users’ needs, and a new visual aid for the reference website in the world of management and recovery of End of Life Tyres in Italy.

Designed on the basis of the responsive design, which allows the best visualisation on all devices (from desktop to smartphone), Ecopneus website includes all relevant information linked to the activities of the limited consortium, a precious tool for operators but not only, with clear and direct answers for end-users and journalists, or simply for those who are willing to learn more on the subject.

The limited consortium has a new image: the visual aid chosen for 2013 has the purpose of describing, in a single picture, the chain cycle and its applications using ELT derived rubber (football fields, energy producing plants, modified asphalts), describing an integrated and efficient system.

A clock realized through a 3D technique, shows clockwise each step of the recycling path, up to its final applications.

The inner gear highlights the precision mechanism that allows ELT management system functioning, while the case containing them metaphorically recalls Ecopneus’s leadership and connection role, but also its external communication role, presenting and enhancing all companies belonging to the chain.

The headline “End of Life Tyres recovery: a precision mechanism” very well summarizes those messages linking Ecopneus to its ELT management mission throughout Italy, and the economic, environmental, and social benefits for the country, deriving from this work.

Ecopneus’s communication activities are coordinated by Hill + Knowlton Strategies Roma. Corporate image’s stage-managing by Peja Design; 3D modeling by Unicity SpA.