The Pisa Centro Congressi will host from June 17th to 19th the 41st National Convention of the Acoustic Italian Association, organised in collaboration with the Pisa University – Physics Department, with the support of ARPAT, the patronage of the Ministry of the Environment, ISPRA, Tuscany Region, Pisa Provice and Municipality, the Tuscany Federation of conservative landscape Architects preserver planners and sponsored by Ecopneus and Enel Green Power.

Over 250 participants are expected at the event, among researchers and sector professionals coming from all Italy.

June 17th will be dedicated to the “smart cities” theme with special reference to noise measurements through new detectors distributed that can already make a capillary monitoring of the urban sound environment and an immediate information to citizens possible. The workshop “Smart cities and new detectors for the measurement of environmental noise”  with international guests, will be the occasion for the presentation of state-of-the-art projects at European level and of Italian experiences in the field. An occasion to spread good practices to improve the quality of life and well-being in urban setting. In such a scenario, the use of rubber obtained from End of Life Tyres recycling – for the management of which Ecopneus is the main responsible in Italy – is proving to be a valid tool against the excessive exposure to noise of the population: both as acoustic insulation in civil construction and as asphalts to obtain more silent and more lasting roads. That is a valid and concrete solution, able to play a major role in smart cities and more in general in Italian Green economy.

On June 20th, as a close to the convention, the Acoustic Italian Association organises a workshop about “European regulations on construction acoustics: a journey toward harmonisation”. The theme of acoustics in housing constructions and that of buildings acoustic requisites is of high interest also considering the different economic fields involved. During the workshop there will be the presentation of the results of a recently concluded European project (COST Action TU0901 “Integrating and Harmonizing Sound Insulation Aspects in Sustainable Urban Housing Constructions”), a project that brought to the proposal of an international regulation for acoustics classification of real estates. The workshop will be the occasion to evaluate the problems still to be faced about acoustics in the building industry and its related regulations in force.

The Convention will be articulated into structured sessions, inserted into 4 parallel sessions, where 160 speeches and a poster session will be presented.

On June 18th and 19th topics related to acoustics will be treated, ranging from environmental and work places noise to reclamation actions, with also technical sessions dedicated to sound physics. Sessions will be supervised by sector experts coming from research, professionals and public bodies.

Particular themes treated are:

  • noise in living environments, with various specialised sessions dedicated to aeolian noise, to classification of noise deriving from transportation infrastructures and to road paving, to the quality of life, to effects on health, to public shows places, to acoustics recovery;
  • noise and vibrations in work places;
  • noise in industrial production, with specialised sessions on automotive and vibro-acoustic simulations never examined before;
  • acoustics of materials and of building systems;
  • musical acoustics and architectural acoustics, with a specialised session on musical informatics in collaboration with the Italian Musical Informatics Association (A.I.M.I.);
  • metrology, acoustic measures, with a specialised session on measurement uncertainty, and instruments;
  • physical acoustics, underwater acoustics, ultrasound.

Inside the workshop, a special session will be dedicated to YAN (Young Acoustic Network EAA) which offers  the young the possibility to know about the national and international training offer about acoustics, about how to publish on an international magazine and how to networking using new media.

At the Convention’s location it will be possible to visit a large exhibition of instruments, materials and components for acoustics and for noise control and on that occasion the Italo Barducci Italian Prize 2014 will be awarded.

To see the convention’s programme visit  and how to reach the Pisa Congress Centre: