Recent decisions of the European Commission highlight delays and non-compliances with reference to noise pollution in our Country, which now risks being deferred to the European Courts of Justice.

However, in our opinion, there is already a solution for the roads, even if it is not fully exploited: they are the “silent” asphalts made with recycled rubber from End-of-Life tyres. A technology that would allow the Public Administration and Managing Bodies to invest into long-lasting and safer road infrastructure, which apply the requirements of sustainability and circular economy, the great objective our Country is called to address our national economy to.

With its commitment in favour of the development of recycled rubber applications, Ecopneus confirms its availability and commitment towards this objective. It is at the disposal of all the subjects committed to working on this topic, within the scope of its own responsibility.  Moreover, we hope that the EU’s warning and the ongoing procedure will definitively unblock the situation and help to overcome the obstacles that limit to only 440 km the roads already made with recycled rubber modified asphalts in Italy.

As reported also in newspapers these days: “the problem is under your eyes, the solution may be under your wheels”.

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