Ribbon cutting ceremony for the new multifunctional field in Medolla made with End-of-Life Tyres recycled rubber. A tangible example of sustainable reconstruction in the territories of Emilia hit by the earthquake sixteen months ago.

The PalaMedolla field, this is the premises’ provisional name, was made thanks to the collaboration between Ecopneus, non-profit limited company responsible for End-of-Life Tyres management in Italy, and Sit-In Sport, falling under the sustainable requalification projects of the sport plant design UISP – Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti.

In order to make the PalaMedolla multifunctional field, the ELT recycled rubber was linked to polyurethane resins and transformed into rolls spread on the pavement to form a uniform surface. A coloured acrylic resin was laid upon the recycled rubber layer, and then the lines to define the areas of the different disciplines were drawn.

The rubber layer guarantees the necessary shock absorption, the energy return to the athlete during the game, and elasticity and resistance to permanent deformations, in favour of a high level and safe sport activity.

"The realisation of the PalaMedolla field with End-of-Life Tyres recycled rubber – Giovanni Corbetta, Ecopneus Managing Director commented – represents a concrete example of what the green economy should be, i.e. an activity able to create value combining "making enterprise" with social responsibility; as it happened in Medolla, where rebuilding and territory requalification go through sport and environmental sustainability".

During the press conference of the field inauguration, that will be held tomorrow in the premises of Viale delle Rimembranze a Medolla, the Medolla Mayor and the Council Member for the Environment, the national and local managers of UISP, Ecopneus Managing Director, and the representatives of all realities which made the plant construction possible thanks to their commitment, will participate.