Tyrefield sportTrento’s Sports Festival turns “green” thanks to Ecopneus that has created the Tyrefield sports surfaces for basketball and volleyball that will be installed in Piazza Fiera.

The two Tyrefield surfaces will be of 525 m2 for basketball and of 360 m2 for volleyball. They will have anti-shock performance mats made with about 4,300 kg of recycled rubber from End-of-Life Tyres. For basketball, a removable surface with line markings will be placed on top of the rubber layer – a system that complies with FIBA’s requisites (Basketball International Federation). Instead, the rubber mat on the Tyrefield volleyball surface will be coated with a special coloured acrylic resin, on which the line markings will be painted.

Watch all the photos of the Festival, with yesterday’s and today’s champions on our Tyrefield sports surfaces!

Giacomo “Gek” Galanda

Tyrefield basket Galanda

On Friday 12thOctober the appointment is on the basketball Tyrefield surface with Giacomo “Gek” Galanda, ex captain of the Italian National Team, European gold medallist in Paris 1999 and Olympic silver medallist in Athens in 2004. From 10:00 am, he will animate the playground in Piazza Fiera together with the young basketball players from the Trento Region for a morning dedicated to safe and sustainable sport thanks to Tyrefield.

The former forward-pivot of Scaligera Verona, Fortitudo, Siena, Olimpia Milan, Varese and Pistoia, will put his skills and experience at the disposal of the young athletes for two hours of great basketball. Gek Galanda boasts excellent achievements: 3 Italian championships, 1 Italian cup and 2 Italian Supercups, with the title of best Supercup Player (MVP) in 1996. With the Italian National Team, he won an Olympic silver and a European gold as well as a silver medal at the European Championships in 1997 and a bronze in Sweden’s European Championships in 2003.

The Ecopneus events and the calendar of the activities on the Tyrefield sports surfaces

On Saturday 13th October at 10:00 am in Piazza Cesare Battisti, the event co-organised by Ecopneus and RCS, “Tech performance. Materials and Methodologies at the service of records”, will be held. The General Manager of Ecopneus, Mr Giovanni Corbetta, Mr Andrea Tomat (CEO of Lotto), Mr Kristian Ghedina (Former ski champion), Mr Fausto Pinarello (CEO of Pinarello), and Mr Mario Isola (Head of F1 and car racing Pirelli) will take part to the event.

New professional figures and new competences support coaches, trainers, and athletes to improve performances on the field; new start-ups and companies invest in research laboratories. The sports world is not only about effort, talent, and technical gestures anymore. It is necessary to collect data, analyse them and set new training schemes. The new champions are those who find an ally in technology to get better, detail after detail. In this scenario, the Tyrefield sport surfaces represent one of the state-of-the art technologies for the realisation of sports surfaces, that can positively influence the overall athletes’ athletic performance.

Festival dello Sport

The activities on the Tyrefield sports surfaces for basketball and volleyball

From Friday 12thto Sunday 14th, a lot of sport and meetings on the Tyrefield sports surfaces for volleyball and basketball set up thanks to Ecopneus in Piazza Fiera in Trento. Here below are the main events:

Friday 12th

10:00 – 12:00 hours:  Tyrefield basketball, Meet&Greet with Giacomo “Gek” Galanda

14:00 – 15:00 hours: Tyrefield volleyball, Meet&Greet with Trentino Volley

15:00 – 16:00 hours: Tyrefield basketball, Meet&Greet with Aquila basket

Saturday 13th

10:00 – 11:00 hours: Tyrefield volleyball, Meet&Greet with Federica Piccinini and Maurizia Cacciatori

11.30 – 13:00 hours: Tyrefield basketball, BRIANTEA 84 SPEECH UNIPOL with a basketball show on a wheelchair and tests with the members of the public (with the participation of the athletes of ALBATROS Trento)

15:00 – 16:00 hours: Tyrefield basketball, Meet&Greet with Meo Sacchetti

16:00 – 17:00 hours: Tyrefield volleyball, Meet&Greet with Gianlorenzo Blengini

Sunday 14th

11:00-12:00 hours: Tyrefield basket, Meet&Greet with Dan Peterson

The full calendar of the events and of the meetings is available on the website: www.ilfestivaldellosport.it.

Tyrefield: the future of sport has a new surface

In Tyrefield sports surfaces, recycled rubber is used to make the performing layer under the playing surface.The used mixes are designed to obtain both an adequate shock absorption, and an optimisation of the return of elastic energy. In its turn, the latter gives a perfect answer to the athlete’s biomechanical needs. It also provides for a reduction of muscular fatigue, the reduction of micro traumas and an improvement of sports performances.

Thus, with Tyrefield it is possible to create a sports surface that most suits your needs: from the research of greater sprint, to the prevention of micro traumas, up to an elastic surface for training sessions. For example, given the specific needs of volleyball, it is fundamental to be able to rely on a surface capable of absorbing falls, with excellent elasticity and high amortising capacity. In basketball it is necessary to be able to rely on a sports flooring that recreates faithfully the feeling of energy return upon jumping, and that guarantees also shock absorption without being excessively “elastic”, as this aspect would affect the athlete’s fatigue, thus compromising his/her performance.