Four ribbon cuttings on Sunday in Prato, inside the Centro promozionale Polisportivo 2A (Multisports promotional Centre) affiliated with Uisp – Italian Association Sports for all: a poker of fields made with materials derived from recycled End-of-Life Tyres, where it will be possible to play tennis and 5 players football. A good environmental practice combining Green Economy and sustainable sport.

The remake was made possible thanks to the collaboration between Uisp and Ecopneus, a non-profit company the main responsible for the collection and recovery of End-of-Life Tyres in Italy.
The initiative is among the projects of sustainable requalification of sports structures started by Uisp, active for years in the promotion of a recycle culture inside the sports world and among its members.

Prato is the first centre in Italy to host an intervention of eco-sustainable improvement of structures with 4 fields made with ELT recycled materials. The meeting is to take place on Sunday, March 30th, at Centro promozionale Polisportivo 2A (Multisports promotional Centre), in via Roma 264, at 11 o’clock.

  • 2 fields are indoor, suitable for tennis and 5 players football. They both have a substrate of shockproof mattress made of ELT rubber granule fixed with polyurethanic resins, on which is laid an artificial turf infilled with quartz sand. Field 3 has a mattress 10 mm thick and is laid onsite, while in field 4 the mattress is 6 mm thick and it is prebuilt.
  • 2 fields, instead, are outdoor for tennis, have a shockproof mattress made of rubber granule fixed with polyurethanic resins made into rolls laid on the paving to form a single surface. A coloured acrylic resin layer has been applied on the recycled rubber layer; then the lines defining the playing fields of the different disciplines were applied. In field 1 the mat is 9 mm thick, in field 4 it is 12 mm thick. Both are laid onsite.

The rubber layer guarantees the necessary shock absorption, the energy return to athletes during the playing phases and elasticity and resistance to permanent deformations, guaranteeing a very high level of sports practice, with the highest safety. The different mattress thickness in the Prato fields allows different playing and training, according to the goals to be achieved.

We are quite satisfied with the requalification intervention we supported in Prato – Giovanni Corbetta, Ecopneus Managing Director states – that brilliantly shows the commitment taken by Ecopneus for years to develop the marketing of ELT rubber. We strongly believe in the green economy as a possibility of doing useful business for the community”. “Being the first centre chosen in Italy – Arianna Nerini, President Uisp Prato states – makes us certainly proud, but at the same time it makes us responsible in continuing a journey already started about the sustainability of sport events”.


  • Roberto Cenni, Prato Mayor
  • Arianna Nerini, President Uisp Committee Prato
  • Giovanni Corbetta, Ecopneus Managing Director
  • Vincenzo Manco, President Uisp National
  • Simone Pacciani, Vice President Uisp National
  • Matteo Franconi, President Uisp Tuscany
  • Alessio Pacini, Surveyor project representative
  • Santino Cannavò, Environment National responsible Uisp
  • Patrizia Minocchi, Marketing National responsible Uisp

Honourable Members Antonello Giacomelli, Filippo Fossati, Matteo Biffoni, Edoardo Nesi, Senators Claudio Martini and Riccardo Mazzoni, and Member of Europarliament Claudio Morganti were as well invited.