The sales of mats and weights made with recycled rubber from End-of-Life Tyres are booming for home gyms. A recent article published by Il Sole 24 Ore newspaper reports that more and more people are choosing home gyms in Italy. To do this, they are using circular fitness equipment such as mats, weights, flooring slabs and much more. This has led to a growth in sales that has reached 60% in certain cases.

The Sole 24 Ore has interviewed the General Manager of Ecopneus, Mr Giovanni Corbetta, on these issues. According to him, “in a 100% recycling scenario, the added value for Italy would reach about 400 million Euros and 6,000 direct and indirect jobs”

The recycling of ELTs – End-of-Life Tyres – is a business activity that is more and more playing a protagonist role in the circular economy sector. Indeed, nowadays it is worth over 60 million euros and directly employs 900 people. In Italy, Ecopneus has put great effort into raising the quality of the treatment process of End-of-Life Tyres in the course of the years. Its aim is to obtain materials with an ever better quality and that can be used in the sectors of road asphalts, sports installations, animals’ wellbeing, the building sector, industry, and urban furniture, favouring the investments in the green economy chain.

Since 2011, the Ecopneus Chain has collected and treated over 2 million tonnes of ELTs. Of these, 130,000 tonnes were above their legal collection target. A virtuous chain that already allows to avoid the importation of virgin raw materials for over 140 million Euros as an average every year. This generates important environmental and financial benefits.

As of today, the ELT management system can rely on an important tool such as the new End of Waste Decree for vulcanised rubber from End-of-Life Tyres. This decree will contribute to stabilise the activities of the companies of the chain with uniform criteria and procedures all over the national territory. At the same time, it will valorise the materials leaving the treatment plants, and facilitate their placement on the market.

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