An advanced training structure on the issues linked to the circular economy of End-of-Life Tyres: from the correct management of their recycling, to the legislation of reference and the applications of recycled rubber. Promoted by Ecopneus, the Ecopneus Academy aims at supporting and further reinforcing the culture of sustainability and recycling.

A dynamic meeting place, where to accurately spread the knowledge linked to the correct recycling of ELTs – End-of-Life Tyres – and the valorisation of the many applications of recycled rubber. The Ecopneus Academy is based on these ideas. It is an advanced training platform dedicated to the circular economy of ELTs promoted by Ecopneus.

Ecopneus manages an industrial chain composed of about 100 companies located all over the Italian territory. They guarantee the tracing, collection, transport, and treatment of an average of about 200,000 tonnes of ELTs every year. These are then transformed into precious recycled rubber for many applications in many different sectors.

A concrete effort for the development of the circular economy for our Country that is further confirmed and reinforced with the launch of the Ecopneus Academy. By the means of the sharing of knowledge and innovative tools, the Academy wants to carry on reinforcing the culture of sustainability. By putting ethicsskills, professionality, and know-how at the disposal of the technical control Bodies, the Armed Forces, and the Institutions, Ecopneus intends to concretely contribute to a growth that is more and more sustainable for our Country and to a better knowledge of the dynamics of the sector.

The Ecopneus Academy shall enclose the many educational and training initiatives already started by Ecopneus, as well as the newly planned ones. Thanks to its great experience and its constant research in the field of innovation and sustainability, Ecopneus has always been committed to training and awareness-raising activities on the topics of recycling, legality, and environmental protection.

“Our ten-year experience in the sector of recycling and the new technological possibilities have made us reflect on the training potentialities of Ecopneus, bringing to light a rationalisation of the contents within the scope of an “umbrella concept”: The Ecopneus Academy” – declared the General Manager of Ecopneus, Giovanni Corbetta. “As Ecopneus, we have worked hard to raise the awareness about the applications of recycled rubber. As such, we have initiated and supported several scientific studies and training initiatives in partnership with prestigious academic and research centres of our Country. The Ecopneus Academy wants to add long-lasting value, promoting training moments dedicated to the circular economy, the environment, legality, and sustainability aimed at companies, the experts of the sector, and students in schools”

Indeed, Ecopneus has supported several training initiatives for a long time. An example is the ELT Academy, dedicated to the technical figures of Control Bodies, the Armed Forces, and the Public Administration on the legislative and administrative issues linked to the management of ELTs in Italy. Another example is the project “The correct recycling of ELTs” organised in collaboration with Legambiente. This project aims at raising the awareness of legality among the students of primary and secondary schools and helping them to get to know and understand the benefits deriving from the correct management of ELTs.

On top of the ELT Academy and the Educational Project for schools, under the umbrella of the Academy there will be meetings dedicated to sustainable sports aimed at the managers of sports centres and webinars on horses’ wellbeing dedicated to veterinaries, whose scientific management is entrusted to the faculty of Veterinary Medicine of the University of Perugia. There will also be appointments dedicated to the professional figures of the engineering, architecture, building, and acoustics sectors to update them on the most innovative developments and uses in the field of design and urban requalification.

The Ecopneus Academy is a transversal offer aimed at constantly supporting the correct recycling of ELTs in the many fields of reference. The meetings see the precious collaboration of many authoritative partners, such as Legambientel’Unione Italiana Sport per Tutti (UISP – National Union Sports for Everybody), Edizioni Ambiente, Matrec – an international research laboratory specialised in sustainability and the circularity of materials.