Innovative, performing and sustainable products that are also exceptionally resistant to shocks; an excellent answer to vibrations and high, sound-insulating properties. These characteristics are at disposal of industry and consumers. From 2nd to 3rd December, the innovative Tyreplast materials are making a comeback at Mecspe Connect – the online platform dedicated to innovations for the manufacturing industry. The Tyreplast materials have been developed thanks to Ecopneus and Ideaplast with the mixing of rubber powder recycled from ELTs and thermoplastic materials.


Good news for all companies looking for innovative solutions and environmentally sustainable materials.

Promoted by Ecopneus and Ideaplast, the Tyreplast research project aims at creating new materials mixing the rubber powder recycled from ELTs – End-of-Life Tyres – and post-consumption thermoplastic polymers. These mixes are more performing and are of high environmental value, as they valorise the physical and technical characteristics of recycled rubber and the other thermoplastic materials.

It is an innovative mix that allows to improve the properties of the new materials, such as: resistance to shocks, tenacity, sound-insulation and their capacity of absorbing shocks. The advantages are evident: products that are more resistant, with an excellent response to vibrations and high sound-insulating characteristics; moreover, they are also versatile and cheap. For example, in the automotive business, the Tyreplast compounds are especially used in the components and the finishing of vehicles. If they are used in the building sector, instead, they allow to make highly-performing elements for sound-proofing, and the reduction of vibrations, such as mats and surfaces. In zootechnics, instead, it is possible to produce surfaces and artificial hoofs for animals; whilst, in urban furniture, the mixes can be used to produce benches and planters.

The General Manager of Ecopneus, Mr Giovanni Corbetta stated: “As Ecopneus, we pay great attention to Research & Development activities on the applications of recycled rubber. The Tyreplast project is representative of our focus on future and innovation. The rubber recycled from ELTs is a material with great technological value and shows all its potential when combined with thermoplastic materials.”

A concrete example of circular economy at the service of business. It will be possible to get to know more about it from 2nd to 3rd December at Mecspe Connect – the online platform dedicated to the innovations for the manufacturing sector. A cycle of online meetings with the national and international community of Mecspe has been planned. This will allow the operators of the sector to update on the latest technologies available for the market. The project will be presented within the scope of the “Eco-friendly Square” – a space dedicated to exhibitors that have distinguished themselves for their “green” business strategies on 3rd December at 11:15 – Room 3. Ms Serena Sgarioto, the Person in charge of Innovation for Ecopneus, will hold a speech entitled: “Tyreplast: Eco-friendly materials in rubber and plastics at the service of industry”.

To participate it is enough to register at MECSPE CONNECT, clicking on the icon LIVE EVENTS and choosing the specific event you would like to attend and follow live. For further information, it is also possible to visit the exhibitor’s profile dedicated to Ecopneus and ask for an appointment through the virtual room, available on the exhibitor’s sheet.