REFIBRE-LIFEREFIBRE-LIFE is a LIFE project co-financed by the European Community entitled:

“Recycling of textile fibres from end-of-life tyres for production of new asphalts and plastic compounds”

REFIBRE wants to use textile fibres from the recovery of ELTs (end-of-life tyres) at industrial level.

On 10thMay 2018, a workshop entitled: “Road maintenance, use of recycled textile fibres from end-of-life tyres”will be held at “The Building Hotel” in Rome. During this workshop, the experimental results of the use of textile fibres in bitumen conglomerates will be shown.

The project is coordinated by STECA of Monte Urano (Fermo), a partner company of Ecopneus for the shredding operations of End-of-Life tyres.

The event is free. Booking is welcome.

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