The stops

18 stops from 2013 to today. Thousands of representatives of the Security Forces, Control Bodies, and the Public Administration have been trained and thousands of technical and information brochures and materials have been so far distributed all over Italy.

In 2018 the meetings were organised under the patronage of ISPRA (Istituto superiore per la protezione e la ricerca ambientale – Higher Institute for Environmental Protection and Research) and of Regional ARPAs (Agenzia regionale per la protezione ambientale – Regional Agency for Environmental Protection). In the course of the years, the meetings have seen the presence of important legal experts, members of the Institutions, and of the associative and industrial world.

Indeed, Ecopneus has always paid great attention to training, both with reference to the younger generations and to those technical figures who are daily committed to the issues related to the management of End-of-Life tyres on the territory.



3° step ELT Academy Ecopneus – Palermo, 3rd July 2014

Promoted in collaboration with Legambiente Sicily and under the auspices of ARPA Sicily. Among the others, also Francesco Licata di Baucina (General Director of Arpa Sicily) and Claudia Ferrari (Deputy Prosecutor of the Republic at the Courts of Justice of Palermo)...

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2° step ELT Academy Ecopneus – Venice, 12th June 2014

Among the others, also Federico Bisceglia (Deputy Prosecutor of the Republic in Naples) and Marco Cavriani (Deputy Director of the Centre for the Prevention and Technical Safety of the National Body of the Fire Brigades) took part to the event. [gallery...

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