During the 2019 edition of the Legambiente Festival, a new mini golf course has been inaugurated. This course has been made with over 8 tonnes of rubber recycled from End-of-Life tyres thanks to Ecopneus and with the support of DIFE SpA.

In few years a proper city of recycled rubber has been made in Rispescia (Grosseto). Thanks to Ecopneus, this year’s edition of Festambiente (14-18 August) will have also a 7-hole mini golf course. This course is safe, sustainable, and made with over 8 tonnes of recycled rubber with the support of DIFE SpA.  Moreover, 100 m/sq. of anti-shock slabs have been supplied. These have been produced with over 2.2. tonnes of recycled rubber granules. A stage with floor and backstage made with recycled rubber has also been installed. It will host the many events that are part of the programme.



However, the mini golf course, the floor surfaces, and the stage are only the latest examples of the many solutions in recycled rubber set up for Festambiente. On top of the cycle lane, benches, seats, and urban furniture that have been installed in the various areas of the Festival in the course of the years, thanks to Ecopneus a real city made with recycled rubber has been created. Here, you can find anything that goes from play grounds to the sound proofing of the auditorium, all made with recycled rubber.

The culture of recycling and of the respect for the environment passes also from education by the means of playing and sports, especially for the young people, who will be tomorrow’s responsible citizens. Festambiente is a nice summer laboratory for experimenting these environmental education tools.

 “3-on-3” basketball court

Made by Ecopneus in 2018, the state-of-the-art “3-on-3” Tyrefield basketball court reuses over 4 tonnes of rubber recycled from End-of-Life Tyres. The particular composition of the court allows a playability comparable to the best professional courts, with the guarantee of a comfortable surface that is also able to mitigate any eventual accidental fall.

This Tyrefield court is specific for the 3-on-3 basketball, a discipline that will debut at the next Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games and is becoming more and more popular in our country.


Made by Ecopneus in 2016, the ParcotuttinGioco is equipped with “inclusive” playing structures designed for disabled children and those without disabilities. The equipment is based on activities that, by the means of the stimulation of the five senses, favour integration with the environment and a child’s play mates. The youngest children will be able to learn music by pressing the large colourful buttons of the “sound alley”; they will also enjoy playing a giant xylophone, or even play on mobile chairs where to throw a sound ball from; they will also be able to drive a fast car or throw a ball on a sticky flower.

Auditorium (ex Enaoli church) 


No more confused sounds, words that are difficult to understand, shows and events that are penalised by bad acoustics. Inside the former Enaoli Church, an acoustically comfortable and versatile environment has been created, using sustainable products and 36 sound proofing panels containing rubber recycled from ELTs. After this intervention, the auditorium now regularly hosts many conferences, shows, and concerts.

Ecocampo sport


A synthetic turf surface with recycled rubber is the place where boys and girls can put their skills to the test in many disciplines, such as: football, rugby, and circus school thanks to the educators of Legambiente and the sports associations that have been involved.

Relaxation area for families and sustainable furnishing

A comfortable flooring in recycled rubber with benches and seats form the relaxation area dedicated to those families who are looking for a little rest among the many activities of the Festival. A soft rubber walkway leads the visitors to the “Sustainable living” area, where a cycle lane and other furniture in recycled rubber can be found: seats, benches, flower boxes, and bicycle racks.