Not only sustainable, but also good at telling the actions they started, thus simplifying consumers’ choices.

The Sustainability Report of Ecopneus has been listed in the 2020 Future Respect Index, promoted by ConsumerLab, for illustrating their own sustainable governance in a comprehensible and exhaustive way. This has facilitated consumers’ informed choices. Moreover, the Sustainability Report of Ecopneus has well illustrated the best good practices that are useful for the promotion of a culture of Sustainability with an effective, engaging, and distinctive narration.

Among the motivations of the award, one can read that the Sustainability Report of Ecopneus is the example of a solid, far-fetching and generous company that deserves Consumers’ appreciation – even more so in this difficult moment caused by the Covid-19 pandemic, as it generates trust and favours responsible life styles.

ConsumerLab is the Research centre organised by Markonet. It aims at promoting Sustainability and the Circular Economy through a simplified and brief divulgation of the Sustainability Reports published by Companies. Every year, the FUTURE RESPECT INDEX presents the Sustainability Reports most appreciated by Consumers. In three years (2018 – 2019 – 2020) ConsumerLab has ranked 1,127 Sustainability Reports.

For the 2020 Future Respect Index, a Group of experts has identified over 210 Sustainability Reports (published in 2020 and making reference to 2019), that have been deemed accessible and detailed in their representation of their sustainable governance. Subsequently, a Group of 250 Consumers, that are careful and attentive to the Objectives of a Sustainable Development, have expressed their preference for the 44 SR considered the most interesting ones out of the 210 chosen Reports

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