Operators map

Ecopneus has identified as strength for its success the creation of an external, independent and specialised network which can be entrusted with the activities of collection, transportation and recovery of ELTs. This network is under the control of a highly qualified managerial structure for the management of processes such as waste traceability in collection operations. ELTs are subsequently allocated to their various recovery options, always respecting the European waste hierarchy and preferring recycling to energy recovery.

Moreover, Ecopneus organises a chain convention every year. Its objective is to make the Ecopneus supply chain a more and more qualified industrial sector, that shares common development strategies and objectives, and capable of activating synergies that may generate positive impacts along all the value chain of End-of-Life tyre treatment. In addition, during the last two meetings, the participation was extended also to the companies that use granules and rubber powder.

One of the main points of the Convention is precisely the matching of the “demand” of the market (the companies that use the rubber), and the “offer”, that is, the recycled rubber chain. Moreover, from the Convention it is possible to identify also the strengths of the sector, the eventual criticalities to face and its future development perspectives.

During the convention the guidelines of the short-medium term development strategies of the chain are shared and the substantial changes for the sector are dealt with, under a legislative, juridical, and financial point of view. This is achieved also thanks to the contribution and the reports of experts and the representatives of the main Bodies, research centres and companies.

Look at the map to get to know all the companies of the Ecopneus chain.

Venanzieffe REP Windegger Group Settentrionale Trasporti Albatros Ecologia Ambiente Sicurezza Cavallari New Deal Castiglia TRS Capizzi Vincenzo Smacom Salvaguardia Ambientale GEOS Environment Castiglia DIFE Valli Gestioni Ambientali F.D.G. Di Collu Ecoservice
REP Windegger Rubber Settentrionale Trasporti Graneco Rubber Albatros Ecologia Ambiente Sicurezza Steca New Deal Ecoricicla CORGOM IRIGOM T.R.S. Tyre Recycling Sud GATIM Innorec Smacom T-Cycle Industries Microgomma Energia Tritogom Turin Carta Ecoservice F.D.G. Di Collu