Ecopneus has committed itself to the extraordinary treatment of End-of-Life Tyres abandoned on public ground in the provinces of Naples and Caserta and collected by its business partners. This project has been activated thanks to a protocol signed in 2013 in collaboration with the Ministry of the Environment, the person entrusted by the Government, as well as the Prefectures and Councils of Naples and Caserta. The Protocol is accompanied by the information campaign “I choose the right way” aimed at fighting the off-the-books purchasing of tyres. This phenomenon has indeed led to the rise of a large number of illegal tyre dumping. These tyres, in their turn, ignite the fires this land is sadly identified with. The information and awareness-raising effort is linked to the objective of intervening with the immediate recovery of tyres, but also with the aim of building long-lasting results that may help the young generations to make responsible and legal choices for their future.