On Tuesday 8th October there was the inauguration of a stretch of road and a small surface within Rome’s military town. The asphalts with modified rubber guarantee greater resistance and last for longer compared to the traditional ones.


Within the military town of Cecchignola, in Rome, a stretch of road with recycled rubber modified asphalt was inaugurated. This typology of asphalt guarantees greater resistance and lasts for longer compared to traditional asphalts. Exercises for the research of explosives will be carried out with the Army’s motor vehicles on this surface. Also a small surface in recycled rubber in the area of the Engineer Corps’ headquarters – training Regiment – was inaugurated.

The initiative is one of the collaborations between Ecopneus and the Army. The General Manager of Ecopneus, Mr Giovanni Corbetta, said: “We are proud to put the experience and know-how of Ecopneus at the service of the Army, and we are pleased that our work is appreciated both by the operative divisions and by the high-ranking officers”.