Music lives in silence, thanks to recycled rubber

In 2017 the Foundation Arturo Toscanini inaugurated the Music Production Centre “Arturo Toscanini”, composed of two large rehearsal rooms, a conference room, archives, offices, warehouses, technical rooms and study rooms. It is an integrating part of the project Music Park, started by the Council.
The biggest rehearsal room (400 square metres) is dedicated to Gianandrea Gavazzeni. It underwent a major acoustic intervention. The materials used for this renovation project came from the recycling of End-of-Life Tyres.

Sport and innovation meet on the pitch of Bologna FC1909

Bologna Fc 1909, Ecopneus, and Limonta Sport wanted to demonstrate that not only the pitch matters, but, if made with an innovative technology, it can also really make the difference. To this aim and thanks to their collaboration, a Duo Shape pitch with Geolastic has been installed at the sports centre of Bologna FC 1909. Geolastic is a performing infill composed of a mix of recycled rubber from End-of-Life Tyres and organic material. A state-of-the-art surface designed for training but also for footballers’ and athletes’ rehabilitation, as they make of their body the main tool of their performances.

Driving on recycled rubber modified asphalt

Get driving and personally try the advantages of recycled rubber modified asphalts! In this video you will be able to virtually test the characteristics and the advantages of asphalts modified with powder from ELTs: noise reduction, better adherence, and water drainage, thus greater safety.

Ecopneus and the collection of 40,000 tonnes of ELTs Castelletto di Branduzzo (Pavia)

A story with a happy ending that combines environmental and health protection and respect of legality. This is the story of the industrial site of the ex-Ecogomma in Castelletto di Branduzzo in the Province of Pavia. For 15 years, over 37,000 tonnes of ELTs lied abandoned due to the bankruptcy of the company that was supposed to recycle them. In about 1,100 working days and with 1,600 journeys of vehicles, the area has been completely emptied this winter thanks to the about 5 million euros Ecopneus sponsored for this intervention.

Tyreplast: from recycled rubber to compound

New compounds capable of uniting performances, quality, and environmental sustainability, valorising the sound-proofing and anti-vibration characteristics of two resources that possess numerous advantages: recycled rubber powder from End-of-Life Tyres and thermoplastic materials. Today all this is possible thanks to Tyreplast, the new project promoted by Ecopneus and Idea Plast, aimed at giving birth to innovative thermoplastic materials at the service of the industry.

The Stadium in Scampia has a new life thanks to recycled rubber

Inaugurated in November 2017, the pitch in synthetic turf of the stadium of Scampia, entitled to the memory of Antonio Landieri, an innocent victim of the camorra, contains over 77,000 kg of recycled rubber from ELTs. The new pitch was donated to the city thanks to the “Protocol against the dumping of tyres in the “terra dei fuochi” (Land of fires)”.