Monthly collection results

A constant and regular collection throughout the whole year, in all Regions

2020 Ecopneus ELT collection (in tonnes)
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Monthly collection results of 2019

The collection of End-of-Life Tyres managed by Ecopneus is based on a careful monthly planning, aimed at the reaching of the annual collection target provided for by the legislation . It is also functional for complying with the normal seasonal fluctuations of the operators’ requests of ELT collection. Indeed, these are linked to the changing of tyres which, for example, reach a peak in springtime and autumn due to the changing of winter/summer tyres.

In the charts, the orange bar graphs (the “operative targets”) indicate the amounts of ELTs that Ecopneus has planned to collect during the whole year in order to reach the annual collection objectives set by the legislation.

As per art. 228 of the Legislative Decree 152/2006, tyre producers and importers have to provide – either individually or in an associated form such as Ecopneus is – for the management of an amount of ELTs equal to the one they place on the spare parts market during the previous year. This follows the principle of the Extended Producer’s Responsibility – an organizational model adopted by the majority of the European Countries.

The mission of Ecopneus is to guarantee the tracking and recovery of about 210,000 tonnes of End-of-Life Tyres every year.

Cumulative trend of ELT collection month by month in 2020 (in tonnes)

Thanks to careful planning and up-stream identification of the operative collection targets on a monthly basis, Ecopneus can concentrate on the collection of End-of-Life Tyres in those months of the year characterised by greater collection requests. This allows to better comply with the requests of the spare parts market operators (tyre dealers, service stations, mechanics) and supplying them with a constant service all over the Italian territory (small islands included) during the course of the whole year.

Watch also the chart with the cumulative trend of the Ecopneus collection in 2019

Cumulative trend of ELT collection month by month in 2019 (in tonnes)

Ecopneus ELT collection trend in 2020

Year 2020 Collection Operative Target (in tonnes) ELT collection (in tonnes)
January 15.630 17.646
February 17.930 17.441
March 18.380 18.459
April 18.200 14.584
May 17950 15.119
June 18.200 13.646
July 18.960 14.052
August 8.430 3.448
September 18.880 21.347
October 18.680 22.023
November 18.930 19.279
December 10.830 12.525
TOTAL 201.000 189.569
  LEGAL TARGET 201.000


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2019 Ecopneus ELT collection region by region


Year 2019 Collection Operative Target (in tonnes) ELT collection (in tonnes)
January 16.480 18.525
February 18.371 17.583
March 18.496 17.066
April 20.200 19.741
May 21.400 22.066
June 20.700 19.719
July 22.000 21.605
August 11.000 11.385
September 22.250 20.629
October 18.950 20.079
November 19.630 19.831
December 13.105 12.192
TOTAL 222.582 220.421
  LEGAL TARGET 210.435


ELT collection Region by Region

The map and table here below contain the data of ELT collection for every single Region. They indicate a substantial homogeneity in the collection of ELTs carried out by Ecopneus all over the national territory. By clicking on a Region, it is possible to visualise the data related to the Ecopneus collection.

Valle d'Aosta Piemonte Lombardia Trentino-Alto Adige Friuli-Venezia Giulia Veneto Emilia Romagna Liguria Toscana Umbria Marche Abruzzo Molise Puglia Basilicata Calabria Sicilia Campania Lazio Sardegna

ELTs collection region by region


Region ELTs collection 2019
(in tonnes)
ELTs collection 2020
(in tonnes, as of 31st December 2020)
Abruzzo 5.526 4.498
Basilicata 2.923 2.270
Calabria 9.777 8.437
Campania 18.734 13.763
Emilia-Romagna 20.060 16.540
Friuli-Venezia Giulia 3.734 3.496
Lazio 19.831 15.638
Liguria 3.323 3.002
Lombardia 27.238 28.073
Marche 7.875 6.529
Molise 1.302 1.334
Piemonte 10.530 9.300
Puglia 16.059 10.561
Sardegna 9.706 8.166
Sicilia 16.976 15.022
Toscana 12.352 10.373
Trentino-Alto Adige 7.554 7.951
Umbria 3.770 2.478
Valle d’Aosta 671 618
Veneto 22.479 21.521
TOTAL 220.421 189.569
LEGAL TARGET 212.970 201.000