3×3 Basketball has been one of the protagonists of the third edition of the Sports Festival. It is a discipline that is constantly growing in popularity also thanks to its Olympic debut at Tokyo 2021.

In the state-of-the-art 3×3 basketball Tyrefield courts made with rubber recycled from ELTs, the elastic surface prevents athletes’ fatigue and accidents. Moreover, it has an optimal bouncing of the ball and an adequate elastic energy return. This allows all athletic movements in a complete free and safe way!

To identify the best possible surface for 3×3 basketball, Ecopneus has partnered with a historical name of Italian basketball: the ex-captain of the Italian national team, Giacomo “Gek” Galanda. His great experience combined with the one of other specialists such as the biomechanics expert, Professor Testa, as well as some companies specialised in recycled rubber surfaces, has made it possible to identify, produce, and test several recycled rubber surfaces, up to the identification of the ideal composition.

On the Tyrefield surface installed in Ronzone (TN), Giacomo “Gek” Galanda, the ex-captain of the Italian national team, winter of a golden medal at the 1999 European championships in Paris and Olympic silver medallist at Athens 2004, the Coach Andrea Capobianco, and the players of the 3×3 women’s and men’s open national teams have gone through the history as well as the secrets and the techniques of the “street” basketball in the Masterclass especially dedicated to 3×3 basketball!

The exception becomes possible on recycled rubber sports surfaces!

Watch the video of the Masterclass dedicated to 3×3 basketball at the 2020 Sports Festival to find out about all the advantages of the basketball Tyrefield surfaces!

Masterclass contents:

Chapter 1 – History of 3×3 Basketball

Chapter 2 – The basic rules of 3×3 Basketball

Chapter 3 – Playground: characteristics and peculiarities

Chapter 4 – The basics of 3×3 Basketball

Chapter 5 – “Check”

Chapter 6 – Movement, Attack, Defence

Chapter 7 – Set up of attack actions

Chapter 8 – How to behave in defence

Chapter 9 – The throw technique

Chapter 10 – Ecopneus as sustainability partner: recycled rubber is a friend of sports!