A recycled rubber playground in L'aquila old town centreThe new playground in L’Aquila old town centre will also have an ELT recycled rubber field. Started last September 18th, the rebuilding works foresee the substitution of most of the present games, and the installation of new ones, including those suitable to disabled boys and equipped with all safety devices. Thanks also to Ecopneus’s contribution, one of the new structure will be a small football field made with End-of-Life Tyres recycled rubber.

The small football field in L’Aquila, measuring 6 x 12 mt, is made up of a layer of artificial turf and an elastic ELT recycled rubber sub-mat. This last layer, laid between the base and the turf has the double function to absorb possible shocks and to return energy to the athletes during the game.

The Speedbol field, this is the technical name of the field with recycled rubber, is the first “mini pitch” adopting this type of sport surface and to be equipped with specific anti trauma protections for various sport practices, such as football, mini tennis, mini basket, mini badminton, field hockey, and mini volley.

The small field is made up of plastic laminated panels that allow also the “bank game”, 2 goals like the hockey ones, and a net to avoid the ball stepping out of the playground. All borders, joints, and various structures are rounded and studied in order to guarantee the boys’ total safety.