“Capodarco, the Other Festival” is scheduled until Saturday at Capodarco (Fermo): a week dedicated to cinema with the showing of movies, documentaries and short films, as well as encounters with directors and actors and dedicated workshops.

Since 2010 the Festival has hosted the “Anello Debole Prize” assigned to the best journalistic and fiction video and audio shorts on issues with a strong social content and on environmental sustainability.

The award’s objective is to let emerge and disseminate the best audio and video productions on topics that regard the most fragile and marginalized population, and that are not always adequately addressed with respect to their importance.  The principle at the basis of the award is that the strength of the “chain” of communication depends on the strength of its weakest link.

This year Ecopneus, a partner, will assign a “special” Anello Debole Prize to the best short film on the themes of recycling, education to not abandon waste and the concept of the circular economy.

The latter is a theme that is more current than ever and is at the centre of European and national political agendas – beginning the transformation of the current “linear” economic system based on “extraction-production-consumption-disposal” into an economic model in which resources, thanks to the reuse, recycling and recovery of materials, are fed back into the economic production cycle, extending their useful life and preventing the consumption of virgin raw materials.

Ecopneus is doing its part in Italy, maximizing the recovery of materials and opening new markets and applications for rubber recycled from end-of-life tyres.  There is also a strong commitment to supporting the development of a circular economy culture through activities in schools, exhibitions and publications.  Visual components play a central role under this profile because of the strength that images have with respect to words, their viral nature, and the vast public that they are able to reach.  The Anello Debole Prize fits consistently into the awareness-raising and informational activities carried out by Ecopneus: we must all be “leading actors” in the transition toward a circular economy.