The 60.000 tons and more composing the largest Italian end-of-life tyres pile (roughly equivalent to 80 Olympic swimming-pools) will be definitively sent to recovery by 2016, preventing fire risks which could have devastating consequences for the environment and the safety and health of many Lombardy citizens.

After the signature in July 2013 and the collection of the first 10.000 tons, Luciano Villani, the Castelletto di Branduzzo Mayor, and Giovanni Corbetta, Ecopneus Managing Director, have signed the follow-up of their collaboration in the presence of the Prefect Peg Strano Materia, at the end of a long path promoted and coordinated by the Pavia Prefect.

“With the signature of the agreement, the Ecogomma long-standing affair can be considered happily concluded, after years of concern by the Municipality Administration and the citizens – Mayor Villani stated – We are really satisfied with Ecopneus collaboration, that made possible the solution of a serious problem particularly popular among the community of Castelletto di Branduzzo”.

Since July 15th (day “zero” of activity), at Ecogomma deposit, 13.878 ELT tons have been collected thanks to 561 trips of transportation companies partners of Ecopneus, which is bearing all operations’ costs. By 2016 over 60.000 tons will be collected, which lined up could cover the distance between Rome and Milan more than 10 times.

“The collection of ELT piled in the Ecogomma area prevents the risk of serious environmental and health damages – Mr. Corbetta explained – Indeed, if a tyre burns in a free environment, toxic-noxious smokes and leachates are developed, and can contaminate the surrounding soil and ground waters. We therefore intervened with great seriousness and attention, to be kept high until the operation is concluded”.