Ecopneus will participate again this year in the Festival of the Soft Economy that will be held between Treia (MC) and Macerata from Tuesday June 23 to Thursday June 24; the Summer Seminar, which will be held in Treia (MC) during the weekend of June 26-27, will conclude the Festival.

Giovanni Corbetta, the Director General of Ecopneus, will speak at the concluding plenary session on Wednesday June 24 “Circular economy: new frontier of ‘Made in Italy’” to share the experience of Ecopneus and its contribution to the creation of a circular economy for rubber recycled from ELTs.

The theme of the circular economy is now at the centre of the debate on the sustainability of the economic development of the entire planet and especially of Europe.

Ecopneus is doing its part in Italy, making a huge effort to support the development of a circular economy culture, to open new markets and new applications for the products – granules and powders – deriving from the recycling of end-of-life tyres (ELT).

Working in an ethical way, with the utmost rigor and transparency toward the legal target, the objective is to make this an industry that creates jobs, knowledge and sustainable products that contribute to the sustainability of the national economy.

The Symbola Foundation has the objective of promoting a new development model oriented toward quality that combines tradition, the region, but also technological innovation, research and design.  In short, the soft economy: an economy of quality able to link competitiveness and the valorisation of human capital, economic growth and respect for the environment and human rights, productivity and social cohesion.

Ecopneus, which joined the Foundation in 2014, fully adheres to and shares the values promoted in the belief that economic growth, ethics and social responsibility can and should co-exist for a sustainable development – economically, environmentally and socially – of the entire country.