Since September 2011 up to now, over 227,000 tons of End of Life Tyres collected and recovered throughout Italy, more than 600 tons a day. Of these, 12,500 tons have been collected and correctly treated and recovered in Piedmont only: a result that poses the region, with 2,8 kg per capita,  in line with the national average.

These are the data provided during the final step of the event Ecopneus Plants Open House, held today at Tritogom plant in Cherasco (CN).

The initiative – started last May, and that touched Central and Southern Italy during last months – has been implemented by Ecopneus to inform and sensitize the institutions, industrial world, sector operators, controlling bodies, and public awareness, on the aims of an efficient End of Life Tyres collection and recovery system.

During the first year of activity of the new ELTs management system – started across Italy on September 7th, 2011 – Ecopneus has been able to send over 227 million kg of End of Life Tyres to the correct treatment, thanks to the partnership with treatment plants and collection and transportation companies all over the country, avoiding their discharge in illegal landfills or aside roads, and granting the correct energy and material recovery for public use (modified asphalts, sports surfaces, soundproofing panels, anti-trauma surfaces).

To give an idea, think that, should all rubber contained in 227,000 ELT tons recovered by Ecopneus be used to produce modified asphalts, it would be possible to pave 11,350 km of roads, almost equivalent to the distance between Turin and Buenos Aires!

Of the 12,500 ELT tons collected in Piedmont, more than 28% comes from the Province of Turin (3,537 tons), followed by Alessandria (3,151 tons), Cuneo (2,530 tons), Novara (1,103 tons), Asti (937 tons), Verbano-Cusio-Ossola (630 tons), Vercelli (408 tons) and Biella (229 tons).


End of Life Tyers Collection in Piedmont (Sep. 2011 – Sep 2012)
Province ELT tons collected % of regional total
Torino 3.537 28,2%
Alessandria 3.151 25,2%
Cuneo 2.530 20,2%
Novara 1.103 8,8%
Asti 937 7,5%
Verbano-Cusio-Ossola 630 5,0%
Vercelli 408 3,3%
Biella 229 1,8%
TOTAL PIEMONTE 12.525 100%


 “We are very satisfied with the result of the first 12 months of Ecopneus’ activity – Giovanni Corbetta, Managing Director of the non-profit limited company, stated – both in terms of quantities collected at national level and for those related to Piedmont. Such an important result confirms our opinion that an efficient system based on concrete goals, thanks to the commitment of all players in the chain throughout the territory,such as tyre dealers, transporters, storage sites, and treatment plants, can guarantee results and benefits unthinkable a year ago”.

The correct ELTs management, in fact, is fundamental for the environment and for the safety of the general public, besides its importance from an economical point of view, and for the resources and raw material savings provided. ELTs are a non-dangerous special waste. They are not biodegradable, and for this reason can represent a seriuos problem should they burn in the open.

Should they burst into flames, they produce tossic-noxious smokes and leachates that can pollute soil and ground waters, and have a dangerous impact on human health and the environment. Therefore, if abandoned in the environment they can represent a serious threat in case of fire, besides disfiguring the landscape.