Road traffic is the main cause of sound pollution in urban areas.

Research and test activities aiming at reducing road noise are then of the utmost importance to improve the life and health conditions of the population more affected by such a source of disturbance. As regards materials, special attention is directed toward more the latest innovative technologies, such as asphalts added with recycled rubber powder, to verify their efficacy and efficiency in reducing noise emissions in urban areas, where measurement campaigns and investigations are less numerous. A specific study on this critical methodology has been carried out and experimented in various Municipalities in Tuscany and Emilia Romagna, then included in a technical dossier entitled “Performances of low noise asphalts in urban scenarios”. During the event, also with the direct participation of companies in the field, various methodologies will be discussed, regarding the way to add ELT rubber powder and the different performance characteristics and of bituminous mixes so obtained, with particular reference to values such as stiffness, resistance to the accumulation of permanent deformations and resistance to fissures propagation. At the end of the event a cocktail will be offered to foster the networking among the various protagonists and to consolidate existing relationships. To register, go to the dedicated form.


Asphaltica Fair
Verona May 9th, 2014
11 am – Hall B


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Ecopneus starting greetings
Giovanni Corbetta, Ecopneus Managing Director;
Daniele Fornai, Ecopneus Responsible Use Development

Sergio Luzzi, Vie En.Ro.Se Engineering
Methodologies and experiences to evaluate the efficacy of low sound emission asphalts in urban areas.

Gaetano Licitra, in affiliation with the Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche Istituto per i processi chimico fisici IPCF, UOS Pisa (National Research Council, Insitute for chemical and physical processes).
Acoustic recovery through soundproof and low emissions surfaces: needs and results obtained.

Daniele Fornai, Ecopneus
Silent and long lasting roads: overview on the technologies for the use of ELT rubber powder and for the production of bituminous conglomerates.

Roundtable, session Chairman: Daniele Fornai
Time for discussion and debate, with the interventions of companies in the field and evidence from the foreign market.

Cocktail and refreshments